How Much Are B Tech Aerospace Engineering Salary in India?

B Tech in Aerospace Engineering course is a four years undergraduate engineering course in the aviation sector. It is one of the Aircraft engineering courses that offers practical and theoretical knowledge to the student about the designing, planning, constructing, innovating, creating, inspecting, and testing of flying machines inside and outside the Earth’s atmosphere. These fly machines can be aircraft, satellites, rockets, missiles, weapons systems, etc. It is one of the most creative and innovative branches of engineering that requires focus, passion, problem-solving skills, quick learner, explore latest technologies, etc.

How Much Are B Tech Aerospace Engineering Fees in India?

B Tech Aerospace Engineering fees in India will differ based on the facilities, location, infrastructure, etc. The fees will be submitted to the colleges either yearly or semester-wise. For four years, the fees for B Tech Aerospace Engineering will range between Rs 4 and 6 lakhs. These fees may include B Tech Aerospace Engineering admission fees, tuition fees, book fees, exam fees, etc. Students who are willing to take loan for their studies can apply for an education loan at any bank.

What are the B Tech Aerospace Engineering Job and Career Opportunities?

B Tech Aerospace Engineering jobs and career opportunities are great in India as research organizations are doing a fabulous job. Scientists are trying their best to level up India in space. Numerous labs are being built in India to increase the number and speed of experiments. B Tech Aerospace Engineering candidates have vast career opportunities in the following aviation sectors:

  • Airlines
  • Indian Air Force
  • Defence Ministry
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Research Agencies

Many more…

How Much Are B Tech Aerospace Engineering Salary in India?

Salary packages in the aviation sector are always one of the most talked about topic all the time. The salary of a B Tech Aerospace Engineering in India will be clearly based on technical expertise, academic knowledge, organizations, skill-sets, and so on. In an interview, candidates have a different level of examination where they will be judged. The average starting B Tech Aerospace Engineering salary will be around Rs. 7 to 8 lakhs. The digits may differ depending upon the calibre of the candidate. After getting experience. the salary package will be more than this.

What are the steps to follow to get B Tech Aerospace Engineering Admission?

Students who have passed or appearing at 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or passed 3 years engineering diploma or any higher qualification in science with Physics and Mathematics at the time of admission can undergo the bellows steps of the B Tech Aerospace Engineering Admission process:

  • Apply AME CEE form, available on the official website at for admission to the Aerospace Engineering course.
  • AME CEE qualified students can apply for admission to the Aerospace Engineering course in India.
  • On the basis of All India Rank (AIR), student will get B Tech Aerospace Engineering admission in one of the top colleges with up to 100% Scholarship.

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