How to Choose a Reliable Immigration Company?

As you can imagine, being a specialist and posing as a specialist are two different things. The immigration procedure is not a lottery, but a process strictly regulated by law. The success of the registration directly depends on the experience and knowledge of the specialist who formalizes your family. Only in this case you will be protected from accidental or deliberate mistakes, including by an official who makes a decision on issuing a visa, leading to a refusal and loss of invested funds. This information will help you when deciding which immigration company to apply to and which one is reliable for your immigration to Australia, because you plan for the coming years, both your future and your family members.

What to look for when choosing a immigration company?

There are only two types of companies in the field of immigration services: those operating in the country where you currently live, and those operating in the country where you intend to move, in this case, Australia.

The entire immigration procedure will take place in Australia and it is strictly tied to the legislation of this country, so you need to choose a company that is registered and has many years of experience in this field in Australia, the country where you are going to move. There you can also consult after moving to permanent residence.

Companies not registered in Australia are not allowed to carry out any activity on the territory of this country, including simple accompaniment as a translator. Therefore, if a company offers immigration services and requires payment for this, ask for documents on the Australian registration of the immigration company with which you are signing the contract.

There are companies that closed and reopened every 3 years until they had to move to the nearest countries. Absolutely all registration takes place in Australia, and in the CIS the client returns only to submit a ready-made package of documents to the Visa Application Centre and receive a passport with a ready-made visa. As you can see, there is no point in maintaining local dealership, because their job is only in the usual consultations, which can be obtained from a more reputable source by email, phone or skype.

The client must receive first-hand information – directly from the person with whom he signs the contract and who is responsible for the entire immigration process of the client and his family. That is why we refused from any representative offices in Australia, giving priority to the quality and guarantees of the work performed.

Brand awareness and reputation

The reputation of any company has been earned for more than one year and obliges a lot. When choosing a well-known company, you can count on a high level of service quality in advance.

Consultants are people of intellectual work, in their activities there are always analytical articles, interviews in the press. When communicating with a consultant, pay attention to how transparently he presents information. If the consultant gives vague, unclear wording, then most likely, he himself is not well versed in the immigration process.

The quality of the services provided When contacting a consulting immigration company for advice, pay attention to how well the consultant is familiar with immigration law, how complete he gives answers to your questions. An excellent opportunity to assess the knowledge of the consultant is his participation in open forums, where he answers users’ questions, as we do on our portal “Australia”.

You can add your opinion about the professionalism of the consultant thanks to the assessment of clients who have already used his services. Successful consulting companies have a significant list of clients who are ready to give feedback on the work of the company. The use of recommendations from reputable clients by serious consulting companies is a criterion by which one can judge the level of their competence.

State registration

As mentioned above, some companies are engaged in immigration activities in Australia illegally and, when concluding a contract with such a company, it should be borne in mind that there will be no one to make a claim. A company registered outside Australia is not authorized to provide services in Australia. Do not hesitate, ask to show the registration documents of those to whom you are going to entrust your money and documents. Thus, you will know how long this company has been operating, who owns it and what types of activities it has the right to provide.

Terms of work

If the service company is not able to carry out the immigration process in the shortest possible time, then this is not an organized business, but an amateur immigration practice. The work of a professional differs from the services of an amateur just by a clear system and organization.

Price level

No prudent client would afford to buy cheap immigration services. If you want a guaranteed result, you need to work with real professionals, whose services you are sure of, and their time and services cost money. Consultants who have a lot of free time for free on-line consultations cannot guarantee you the desired result.

<strongThe site of the company

As a rule, if you are looking for a consulting company on your own, you find its website – the face of the company. The quality of a company’s website is determined by its design and content. If a company’s website is distinguished by an amateur design and standard texts (borrowed or rewritten from others, in particular from us), this indicates that such a company does not care about its image in the worldwide network and reputation.

When studying the content of the site, pay attention to the availability of fresh thematic news and articles, since if a company does not follow the changes in its field of activity, it does not have up-to-date information. We often have to spend a lot of time dissuading the client about the distorted information received from others. Thanks to our criticism, some firms have become more attentive to the information provided on their sites.

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Saurabh Aggarwal

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