How to Choose RFID Metal Tags

We often encounter customer inquiries about how to select the appropriate RFID tag, how to obtain the best reading and writing performance, what is the difference between xerafy and similar products in the market, as well as the installation method of RFID tag and how the performance of RFID tag is more stable in metal environment. We selected the five most frequently asked questions to answer.

What kind of UHF Metal Tags will be recommended?

Many factors need to be considered in the selection of UHF Metal Tags in a specific application, such as the price of tags, the physical size and shape of tags; However, more consideration should be given to the reading and writing distance and the material of the label, the material of the installation surface, the installation method and the impact of the surrounding environment (including metal, humidity, current and other factors), which are related to the durability and reading and writing performance of the label. In order to achieve high-quality and reliable label reading and writing effect, it is necessary to analyze multiple variables in the environment. You can quickly understand the parameters, performance and application of each label through the oprfid product manual.

Why is the reading and writing distance of the UHF Metal Tags different from the experimental data?

The UHF Metal Tags will be designed and adjusted according to the application environment, such as adding protective coating or manufacturing gap to prevent the label from being directly installed on the metal. These practices may reduce the label performance and make the actual performance less different from the performance originally designed. In most cases, the UHF Metal Tags will lose a certain reading and writing distance due to the impact of the application environment, especially when the label is embedded in metal or installed in a multi-metal environment. Ordinary labels will maintain a certain performance temporarily, but in order to achieve sustained and stable label performance, we must choose labels consistent with the application environment. Oprfid’s technical team will help customers optimize the label frequency according to the actual application environment.

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