How to choose the right medical college abroad for mbbs

Choosing the ideal educational institution to attend, whether it is an Indian or international institution, is difficult. Similar to this, choosing the ideal college to study medicine, whether it be Indian colleges or MBBS overseas programs, is not a simple task. Notice that anyone intending to study MBBS overseas should consider this advice for picking the finest MBBS abroad.

NMC Acceptance

The National Medical Commission’s recognition and approval of the chosen medical college or university is the single most crucial thing to understand regarding the validity of an MBBS obtained overseas (NMC). This is a crucial piece of advice because an overseas medical degree is only recognised in India if the NMC has provided the institution’s accreditation. It is especially important for students who plan to practice medicine in India once they have finished their degree programme. They administer a written screening exam to those students known as the FMGE (FMGE for Indian Nationals with Foreign Medical Qualification). This test is only open to students attending MBBS programmes that have been approved by the NMC.

Total Costs

The second crucial suggestion for choosing the top MBBS abroad college is to be aware of your financial situation. Several institutions offer full course scope, meals, and housing included at a low fee. Nonetheless, some institutions charge over 25 to 30 lakh for the same amenities. For instance, studying MBBS is inexpensive in Russia and a few other former USSR nations, yet it might cost up to $20,000 or $23,000 in the Philippines and Georgia. Some nations simultaneously provide courses with low and high budgets. Students need to consider which institutions best fit their financial situation and what they have to offer.

Course Length

Unlike India, other nations have flexible educational systems. Medical schools in Russia, China, and Ukraine provide six-year programmes. Georgian medical schools offer programmes with 5- and 6-year curricula. While certain institutions in Kyrgyzstan offer 5 years of study, most medical universities in the Philippines offer 5 and 5.5 years. Pupils should be aware that saving one year is a significant life achievement; this tenure is a crucial factor.

Location of the University

In terms of quality education, this is not a significant criterion, but picking the top MBBS abroad college is still vital. The country and institute’s geographical location have an impact on the standard of living. The location aspect is one of the main reasons that the Philippines, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan are becoming increasingly popular travel destinations.

Travel Services

Regarding the caliber of education, direct flight accessibility and distance from international airports in India may not be significant factors. Yet for the convenience of parents and children when they visit one another, this is a crucial factor. It might be important to some people, but not so much to others. Out of every renowned nation for MBBS study abroad, Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, was easily accessible from Delhi. Both parents and visiting students will find it convenient as the trip just takes three hours.


Another suggestion is to be aware of where Indian food can be found. You might not think it matters, but after you get there after some time has passed, you will long for the food from back home. It is crucial to understand whether Indian food is served at hostels and whether there are any good Indian restaurants in the area.

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