How to get a personal loan without documents?

Generally, loans are unsecured and collateral-free, meaning you don’t require a security deposit, the backing of an asset, or a guarantor. Usually, you need a few documents to get a personal loan. If you are wondering how to get a personal loan without a document, you should ask your lender, as some lenders provide loans without asking for many documents. However, the list of recommended documents differs for salaried and self-employed people.

Here you can learn ways to get a personal loan when you need more than one or more documents for loan approval. First, check how many documents you need to prepare to verify your personal loan.

What are the documents needed for a loan?

When you visit a bank to get a personal loan, you should bring documents according to your employment status. If you are a salaried person, carry your proof of identity, including your voter ID, driving license, Adhaar card, and PAN card. You can use any of these documents as proof of identity. You also need proof of residence; you can use your passport, or utility bill as proof of residence.

Lenders also ask for your latest 3-month bank statement, and your salary slips for the last 3 months as personal loan documents. You will also need to bring 2 passport-size photos for the loan application.

If you are self-employed, you will need proof of identity, residence, and date of birth. For these proofs, you can submit a copy of your voter ID, license, PAN card, utility bill, or passport. For income proof, you must submit audited financials for the last two years and your bank statement for the last 6 months. You should also provide your office address and proof of business continuity. Some lenders may ask for different documents.

What is the interest rate for a personal loan?

Most banks and NBFCs offer personal loans for flexible tenure and affordable interest rates for a personal loan. The average interest rate for a personal loan is 10.5%. It would help if you also considered other things, such as processing fees, principal amounts, and more, when looking for a personal loan.

You can lower the interest rate if you have all the personal loan documents available to you. A good CIBIL score allows you to get an instant personal loan without documents.

How to get a personal loan without a PAN card?

All financial lenders ask for a PAN card when a person applies for a personal loan. The tax law sets the rule that it is mandatory to submit a PAN card. However, you can get a personal loan for a small amount, up to Rs. 50,000, without submitting your PAN card. Even if you are applying for a personal loan online, you must upload a copy of your PAN card. You can use your PAN card number if you need to learn how to get a personal loan without a PAN card or need help finding your PAN card.

How to get a personal loan without income proof?

If you don’t have income proof or similar personal loan documents, you can visit the lenders that know you. Some lenders offer loans based on your personality and relationship with them. You can also obtain a personal loan by maintaining a good relationship with your bank. You can establish a good relationship by remaining loyal to your lender, choosing their products, and introducing new customers to your lender. Your lender will process your loan faster and offer you the best interest rate.

You should also make all payments and transactions with the bank. If you missed a payment in the past, the bank would ask for solid income proof when you applied for a personal loan. You should also pay all your credit card dues and maintain a high credit score. Paying all your dues helps the lender trust you and provide you with a personal loan.

How to get a personal loan without an Income Tax Returns certificate or Salary Slip?

When you apply for a personal loan, the lender asks for an income tax return certificate if you are self-employed. If an organization employs you, you must submit your salary slips. If you are wondering how to get a personal loan without these documents, follow these methods:

  • You can submit your alternate source of income if you have any. You can submit these income proofs from other sources, including housing rent, bank balance, business endeavors, and your parent’s or spouse’s income proof.
  • You can also submit Form 16 as proof if you don’t have an ITR certificate or salary slips.
  • Bringing on a guarantor can also help you get a loan. The guarantor has to submit proof of income.


Getting a personal loan without documents is convenient for lenders and borrowers as it takes less time to process the loan approval. If you are considering getting a loan for an emergency, get a paperless loan, and you can get it in a short period.

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