How to Install Sage 50 U.S. Edition on Your Computer?

Sage 50 U.S. Edition know the Instructions for Installation. Here with this blog you can learn how to install Sage 50 latest release on your computer.




  • Installation directions
  • How to introduce Sage 50cloud



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Planning to introduce


  • Sage 50—U.S. Release – Getting Prepared to Install




  • Preparing to introduce
  • Installation planning
  • Installation prep




  • Verify all PCs meet the base framework prerequisites.
  • Before beginning the install sage 50, close any remaining Microsoft and trivial projects on the PC.
  • Turn off your enemy of infection for the term of the establishment cycle.
  • Leave your firewall on and authorize warnings.
  • Make sure the User Account Control (UAC) is set to a base, not greatest. This might require Admin access. Talk with IT faculty if fundamental.


If redesigning your present adaptation of Sage 50:


  • Back up all organizations.
  • Have all clients leave Sage 50 preceding beginning the introduce on the server.


Download the Installer


  • Sage 50—U.S. Version: Download Portal




Welcome to Sage 50—U.S. Version!


This article is your entryway for getting to the most recent variant of Sage 50—U.S. Release. The articles beneath contain download joins and extra data identified with the most recent delivery. These downloads are accessible as an advantage to having a Sage Business Care plan.




  1. Select the fitting connection in the Download your product(s) segment underneath to get to the download page for the most recent full form of your item.
  2. Follow the Announcements, News, and Alerts gathering on Sage City for the most recent in item news.


Download your product(s)


  • Sage 50—U.S. Release
  • Sage 50 Payroll Solutions


Single or independent establishment guidelines


  • Sage 50—U.S. Release – Standalone Installation Instructions




  • Stand-alone establishment
  • Installing on a solitary PC
  • Install on one PC




Area I: Download the Sage 50 US Edition program

Area II: Installing on a solitary/independent PC


Note: It is prescribed to introduce the program way at C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Peachtree


  1. Run the downloaded establishment document.
  2. Select to introduce the necessities required for Sage 50 Accounting in the event that you get the brief.
  3. Turn off enemy of infection, and afterward click Next.
  4. Agree to the permit understanding, and afterward click Next.
  5. Select Auto arrange the Windows Firewall to permit introduce and run Sage 50 (Recommended) box, and afterward click Next.

Note: If the Windows Firewall is handicapped, then, at that point, the case will be turned gray out.

  1. Verify or enter your Serial number, and afterward click Next.
  2. At the brief “Will this be the main PC running Sage 50?” select Yes, and afterward click Next.
  3. On the Install Options, select area of program documents and friends information records, and afterward click Install.
  4. Complete the establishment.


Network establishment directions

  • Sage 50—U.S. Version – Network Installation Instructions




  • Network establishment directions
  • Client/server establishment
  • How to introduce




Area I: Installing on the Server


Note: It is prescribed to introduce the program way at C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Peachtree


  1. Download the program establishment. Allude to Article ID 96433: Sage 50—U.S. Version – How to Download.
  2. Run the downloaded establishment document and follow the prompts to introduce.
  3. When inquired “Will this be the main PC running Sage 50?” select No, and afterward click Next.
  4. On the Sage 50 Company Data Files Storage screen, select This PC is the server, and afterward click Next.
  5. Verify Install Options and continue with the establishment on the server.
  6. On Sharing Company Data screen, select Share the Folder, and afterward click Next. Follow the articles recorded beneath to impart the right envelope to the right consents.


Note: The Sharing Company Data screen has a connection to View significant data you will require when introducing Sage 50 on your organization.


  1. Complete the establishment (there is a connection to Read the Release notes); permit the program to open and enact.


  1. Open each organization and permit the information to be changed over to the new form.


Area II: Installing on workstations


Speedy Tips for Network Install


  • Always introduce on the server first.
  • The program should be introduced on every PC that will utilize Sage except if you are in a Terminal Services climate.
  • You can utilize the Network Installation Manager to introduce on different PCs all the while: start the establishment at the principal workstation, and afterward continue on to the following.
  • The Network Installation Manager won’t work over remote organizations.
  • When introducing utilizing the downloaded Sage 50 installer, the Destination envelope is the place where the introduce records will be extricated; this isn’t the program area.
  • If working in an area climate it could be important to set right Windows consents on the PeachtreeInstaller20xx envelope to run the organization establishment chief. Follow Verify my information document consents are accurately set.
  • Sage 50 Pro Accounting isn’t multi-client viable; in any case, Sage 50 Premium and Sage 50 Quantum Accounting are multi-client viable.
  • Installing through a distant work area association or virtual machine will require the accompanying strides to begin the introduce:


  1. Press Windows+R keys.
  2. Type %temp%, and afterward click OK.
  3. Double-click RarSFX0 organizer.
  4. Double-click Peachw envelope.
  5. Double-click Install envelope.
  6. Right-click _setup.exe, and afterward select Run as overseer.


Fast Tips for Upgrading


  • If you decide not to supplant the more seasoned delivery, however convert your information into the fresher variant, you can not utilize the information with the more established delivery.
  • When introducing utilizing the downloaded Sage 50 installer, the Destination organizer is the place where the introduce documents will be extricated. This isn’t the area of the earlier delivery. The earlier introduce area is naturally recognized during the establishment wizard.
  • Installing/uninstalling Sage doesn’t eliminate or change your organization information.
  • The first time you open an organization it will be changed over to be viable with the new form.
  • The Sage Intelligence Reporting module is introduced independently.


Introducing on a workstation on an organization


  • How to introduce on a workstation on an organization




  • How do I introduce on a workstation?
  • How to introduce on another workstation that is on an organization
  • How to reinstall on a workstation when associated with the organization




Working System Warning


This arrangement requires progressed information on your PC’s working framework. Contact your framework chairman for help. Adjusting your Windows Registry incorrectly can critically control framework errands. Sage 50 isn’t liable for doings issues brought regarding by mistakenly adjusting your Windows Registry. Incessantly build a back up of your information preceding to ongoing with cutting edge preparations.




Segment I: Update a current workstation after server is refreshed


  1. When opening the program on the workstation after the server is refreshed, it should incite to install sage 50 update. If not, notwithstanding, the update can be introduced physically.
  2. You may likewise download the refresh and introduce it physically.


Area II: Install utilizing the Network Installation Manager


  1. At the server, set organizer authorizations on the PeachtreeInstaller[Release] shared envelope (situated as a matter of course in the Program Path), to take into account Full-Control access:
  2. At the workstation, press Windows+R keys
  3. Type \\ServerName (where ServerName = the genuine PC name of your server), and afterward click OK
  4. Double-click PeachtreeInstaller[Release] envelope
  5. Double-click Peachw envelope, and afterward double tap Install organizer
  6. Right-click _setup.exe and select Run as overseer
  7. The arrangement will start choosing the settings from the Server




  • If you have numerous workstations, it isn’t important to sit tight for one workstation to complete the process of introducing before you start introducing on another workstation.
  • The server was introduced as a workstation assuming that you observe the PeachtreeInstaller[Release] catalog isn’t shared on the server.


Segment III: Advanced choices – Install to an ideal information area as well as change the program way


  1. Follow Steps 1 through 4 above to get to the PeachtreeInstaller[Release] shared envelope
  2. Right-click Setup.exe, and afterward select Run as chairman
  3. The arrangement will start the introduce wizard
  4. Follow the prompts to introduce and peruse the permit arrangement, clicking Next.
  5. Enter the chronic number and snap Next.
  6. When asked Will this be the main PC running Sage 50?, answer No and click Next.
  7. On the Sage 50 Company Data Files Storage screen, select An alternate PC on the organization is the server and will store Sage 50 organization information.
  8. Place a mark of approval close to I affirm that Sage 50 has effectively been introduced on the server and snap Next.
  9. On the Company Data Files Location screen, you might choose a planned drive or snap Find a Computer to plan the drive to an organization share.


New in Sage 50 Release 2022.0: You might utilize an UNC way for the information way.


  1. Click Next and select the program documents registry. It is generally best to leave this as the default catalog.
  2. Confirm that the organization information area is right and snap Install.




  • It is imperative to check the ideal planned drive or server share is the introduced information way that is neighborhood to the server.
  • If you have different workstations, it isn’t important to hang tight for one workstation to get done with introducing before you start introducing on another workstation.
  • The server was introduced as a workstation in case you observe that the PeachtreeInstaller[Release] catalog isn’t shared on the server.


Introducing on a PC or home PC for Sage Drive far off information access


  • How do I introduce on my home PC or PC for Sage Drive remote access?




  • How do I introduce on my home PC or PC for Sage Remote Data Access?
  • I am introducing on my PC to bring home so I can get to my information remotely by means of Remote Data Access. Do I pick an organization establishment or independent?
  • Installing on my distant PC to get to a common organization, it inquires “Will this be the main PC running Sage 50?”, what do I pick?




Sage Remote Data Access (some time ago Sage Drive) permits you to interface with and synchronize your information remotely by means of our cloud servers. Assuming you are taking your PC home or introducing Sage on your home PC to get to a common organization through Remote Data Access, it won’t get to the information over your office’s LAN (Local Area Network), however over the cloud.


  1. Follow the establishment ventures as laid out in: Sage 50—U.S. Release – Standalone Installation Instructions.
  2. As expressed in the establishment directions, at the brief Will this be the main PC running Sage 50?, select Yes. This will introduce on your PC or home PC as an independent establishment, which will permit you to flee from your neighborhood organization.
  3. You are presently prepared to download a common organization.


At the point when you have downloaded the common organization, any progressions you make on your privately downloaded duplicate of the Sage 50 information base will synchronize over the cloud with the primary organization data set and some other clients the information is imparted to. In like manner, any progressions some other clients make, either from a distance or in the workplace, will be synchronized to your PC.

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