Importance of Valuation & Advisory When Buying or Selling Industrial

Estimating the value of a property is crucial for several reasons – financing, investment analysis, tax implications, property insurance, or listing industrial real estate for sale in Houston. However, determining the asking price of industrial property is one of the most important applications of valuation and advisory services.


This article will dive in to the importance of valuation and advisory before you plan to buy or sell industrial property in Houston.

How is the Value of a Property Determined?


The value of an industrial property is defined as the current worth of benefits arising from owning the property in the future. Typically, the benefits of a property are realized over a longer period, say 8-10 years or more. Hence, property value estimation must consider social and economic trends, environmental conditions, location, and governmental regulations.


All these factors may have a strong influence on the four key elements of a property’s value:


  • Demand: The need or desire to own a property, backed by financial ability to fulfill the desire.
  • Scarcity: The limited supply of highly competing industrial properties.
  • Utility: The ability to meet the needs and desires of future real estate owners.
  • Transferability: The flexibility with which the property ownership can be transferred.


Discover the True Value of Your Industrial Property


The value of your property is a crucial factor in making informed real estate decisions. The real estate market is rapidly evolving, and you need access to real-time, comprehensive data from industry experts who can derive valuable insights from analytics. This is where valuation and advisory come into play, and help you determine the true value of your industrial property.


Comprehensive property valuation and advisory includes:


  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Industrial property and portfolio appraisal
  • Assessment of the property condition
  • Zoning compliance
  • Environmental site assessment
  • Financial and tax reporting
  • Evaluations
  • Testimony and litigation support
  • Property tax appeals and assessment
  • Pre-acquisition, budgets, and accruals due diligence
  • Real estate transaction and property tax payment services


The Bottom Line


To sell industrial property in Houston, accurate and insightful real estate valuation is vital. Valuations are performed by professionals who have vast expertise in different appraisal methods used for real estate valuation. Based on the data gathered, they provide expert advice to help you make informed decisions whether you want to buy or sell industrial real estate for sale in Houston.

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