Is It Possible To Sell Your Own House

As the title mentions, I think it is time to pay attention the possibility to avoid expensive real estate agents if you are about to sell your house Living Trusts.

I think the agents are doing a great job, but if you have a house in a popular area, why not try and sell it yourself, meaning you will save thousands of dollars.

To do this, here is a list of things you can do:

Start with preparing your house for the sale. Painting, cleaning the house. And try to use Feng Shui to send the best “message” to a buyer.

Then comes the advertisement. You should use the internet to do this. A local newspaper may work also, but the net is the best. Try to use Google AdWords and Overture to send traffic to a website with your presentation of the house. Register this website on a lot of directories etc.

When somebody show interest in the house, let them sea all the details about the house. Let them stay there for 1-2 hours if they want. The longer the better. They will get attached to the house. Don’t press them to buy, but create a strong foundation instead. Then the sale will come anyhow.

When somebody says “yes”, then you should contact a lawyer to do the contracts etc. This you shouldn’t do on your own. It is important to avoid any legally complications, as this demands a lot of unnessesary energi.


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