Is TATA TIGOR Worth [$] To You?

If you decide to go with the Tata Tigor, it is the greatest option and worthwhile for you to purchase. The Tata Tigor is a good option if you’re searching for a small sedan with a great safety package, eye-catching styling, and a good selection of equipment. The exterior and interior of Tigor are the best in their class in terms of appearance and design. It offers significant features like twin airbags, child safety, ABS with EBD, and other safety features that provide you great peace of mind when driving. Visit PPS TATA Showroom Chennai to test drive the Tata Tigor and explore features.

Tata Tigor comes in two options- a manual and automatic transmission. The Tigor’s mileage varies depending on the model and the kind of fuel. The Tigor is a five-seater, three-cylinder car with dimensions of 3993 mm in length, 1677 mm in width, and 2450 mm in wheelbase. It has a 19.2 km/l certified mileage. This model has an engine that produces a maximum of 113 Nm at 3300 rpm and 84 horsepower at 6000 rpm, respectively.

When it comes to comfort, the seats are supportive and the cabin is spacious. Additionally, the suspension is strong enough to manage rough road conditions during the rainy season when there are many potholes on the roads. Additionally, we advise you to take a test drive to evaluate the vehicle’s comfort and performance, which will aid in your decision-making.

Tata Tigor Specifications & Safety:

Tata Tigor is a five-seat sedan that can achieve a range of 19.27 Kmpl depending on its fuel type and transmission. The 3-cylinder, 1199 cc, 1.2L Revotron engine from Tigor produces 113 Nm of torque at 3300 rpm and 86 PS at 6000 rpm. A 35-litre fuel tank is available for it. From a safety standpoint, this sedan is equipped with 2 Numbers of Airbags, ISOFIX (Child-Seat Mount), EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), and ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

Is Tata Tigor successful?

Yes, it is a dependable vehicle in this category. The comfort level and ride quality are fair. Additionally, it has a superior suspension setup and good ground clearance, all of which are helpful for regular day-to-day driving. This model is useful and has useful properties. Another factor in the high quality of Tata’s construction is safety. Overall, Tata’s economic approach has been effective.

Tata Tigor Performance

The acceleration component of Gear 1 has a little bit of lag, which explains why. The fun starts as soon as you shift into second gear. The vehicle awakens and begins to react to the acceleration. The feedback in this car is fairly noticeable, and the engine despises being driven in first gear on any given day.

When you go on the highway, the automobile does a good job of picking up fuel economy. Your current gear is displayed on the dashboard, which also constantly recommends that you change it as necessary.

A built-in mileage model in the automobile constantly reminds you to shift up and down to get the best mileage. When you drive it, the steering is incredibly light, fluid, and sophisticated. The company struck gold with the steering. Walk into PPS TATA Dealers Chennai Showroom and witness how it is quite well made. Whoever has driven the high end will understand what it means.

Is Tigor good for hills?

The 1.5-litre Revotorque (Diesel) and the 1.2-litre Revotron (Petrol) engines of the Tigor will provide a smooth ride on hills. The vehicle operates flawlessly except for a few lags when driving up hills since even in city or sports mode, the economy function performs poorly. On level roads, driving is comfortable, the cabin is not overly noisy, and the entertainment system is great. But for this price, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

Again, for the price range, it is extremely sophisticated. The Indian consumer is respected and catered to by Tata, possibly the only automaker in the country. The lack of a footrest next to the clutch pedal makes the ergonomics useless. Also, after a few hours of sitting in traffic, your left leg and lower back will be sore.

Comfort in Tata Tigor

Front-row-only adjustable headrests, front-only power windows, adjustable steering, power steering, a distance-to-empty display, a digital instrument console with a multifunction display, a digital odometer, a digital speedometer, a start/stop button, and a tachometer are all features that Tigor offers in terms of comfort.

The car has a lot of room. The enormous extremely sensibly planned boot space. If you ask me, automatic door locking saves lives. It saved me from being physically attacked in the middle of traffic by an enraged Ola/Uber cab driver. The cost of the spare parts is lower than it would be for Honda, Volkswagen, or Suzuki. This car’s maintenance costs are significantly lower. It’s a mixed bag all around. Torque lag in the lower ratios is the only issue.

Tata Tigor Interiors & Exteriors

The Tata Tigor is a 4-door vehicle with front disc brakes, independent lower wishbone and McPherson (Dual Path) strut-type suspensions, and rear drum brakes. It also has R14 wheels and a rear twist beam suspension with a coil spring installed on it.

Tata Tigor’s colour options

The Tata Tigor XE comes in four colours—Arizona Blue, Daytona Grey, Deep Red, and Opal White—with a manual transmission. Authorized TATA Showrooms Chennai caters to delivery of any colour option when you have the idea of purchasing a Tata Tigor

Is the Tata Tigor engine noisy?

Yes, the Tata Tigor has a 3-cylinder engine, and the car has a lot of NVH (noise, harshness, and vibrations). One petrol engine and one CNG engine are available for the Tata Tigor. Both the petrol and CNG engines have 1199 cubic centimetres of displacement. This makes the Tata Tigor Engine Life go by in a long run.

What is the top speed of Tigor?

According to where you drive. The automobile is sure to be a letdown if you just use it in a city with heavy traffic. You’ll observe that the engine’s short-term torque needs, which are greatest in congested traffic, are not entirely met by its design. I’m talking about drivers who curse at two-wheelers zooming into their space. It is a fun highway vehicle. However, the top speed of the Tata Tigor is approximately 120 KMPL.


The information above makes it abundantly evident that Tata automobiles will continue to expand. In keeping with the present trend, the brand also debuted its EV model, which has changed the needs of the sector. Maximum safety and comfort are features of the Tata Tigor. Tata is a key player in the automobile sector with a seven-decade history. With over 10 lakh vehicles delivered, the company offers cutting-edge mobility solutions, and the PPS TATA Showroom in Chennai contributes to the brand’s elevation. The Tata Tigor offers the ideal balance of power, drivability, and efficiency.

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