Japan Dedicated Server – The Best Choice for Optimal Performance

Hosting your website in the right place can be the difference between a fast-loading site and one that’s frustratingly slow. Japan Dedicated Server by Onlive Server ensures that you have reliable performance across all of our servers in Japan because we know your site’s speed directly impacts your search engine rankings, your conversion rates, and every other aspect of your online business success. Our Japan Dedicated Server packages come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space so you don’t have to worry about having enough space or being able to handle increased traffic – we handle that for you!

What makes it the best?

In terms of performance, stability, and price, the Onlive Server outshines its competitors. Our top-of-the-line AMD EPYC processors deliver outstanding performance while using less power than their Intel counterparts. We also utilize enterprise-grade hardware components with ECC DDR4 RAM and solid-state disks (SSD) to ensure that your business applications are always running at peak performance. With multiple redundant Internet providers as well as data centers in New York, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong, you’ll never experience an outage due to a local disaster or another provider’s mistake. If downtime is critical for your business, then Onlive Server is your best choice. To learn more about our dedicated servers and hosting solutions, contact us today.

How does it perform against competitors?

A typical server has a maximum amount of bandwidth it can utilize at any given time. This can vary by plan and provider, but let’s assume that an average dedicated hosting company may be able to provide a gigabit worth of speed at any given time. If you require more than one gigabit worth of power, multiple servers are needed to make up that difference. Since Onlive Server offers a full 10 gigabits worth of traffic each month (included in all plans), users will only need one server no matter how much they use each month, making our service far more economical to run as compared to competitors in Japan or anywhere else in Asia. Why is it better?: When a website is hosted on multiple servers, there is always some lag between when your computer sends data and when your website receives it. That lag is called latency. Latency can add several seconds to your load times, which means visitors have less patience with slower sites and are more likely to leave without visiting other pages on your site or purchasing anything from you. With a single server dedicated to just one customer, latency is kept to an absolute minimum because there’s nothing between you and your visitor except a pure raw Internet connection. So even if someone else on our network happens to be using too much bandwidth at once, we won’t slow down your site until after everyone else’s sites have been affected first.

What are its biggest benefits?

The main advantage of using a dedicated server is how it frees you from worries about bandwidth and hardware limitations. With a virtual private server, you’re likely to come across a host of issues (like sudden spikes in traffic) that may affect your site’s performance. But with Onlive Server, you’ll enjoy optimal speeds and uninterrupted access to your website at all times. You’ll be able to start selling goods immediately without going through frustrating troubleshooting sessions or waiting weeks on end for new hardware. Moreover, our network infrastructure is second-to-none, which means that no matter where in Japan your business expands next, Onlive Server will always deliver superfast upload and download speeds. All in all, a Japan-dedicated server offers a number of benefits that can make or break your online business. And since we offer flexible payment plans, there’s never been an easier time to get started!

How to get started with a Japan Dedicated Server

There are three major steps to getting started with a Japan Dedicated Server. You’ll need to sign up with an Internet service provider (ISP), find a hosting provider, and then set up your web services. Let’s go over them individually. First, you’ll need to contact an ISP—your local cable company or telephone provider might offer Internet services, as will many online providers. Second, you’ll want to check out some hosting providers that specialize in Asia-based Japan dedicated servers. Many of these companies also offer package deals on bandwidth and other items, like Japan’s dedicated email services. Finally, once you have your hosting plan set up, it’s time to get down to business. That means choosing a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal and installing it on your new server. This part is easier than it sounds because there are several one-click installers available for popular CMS systems; just make sure you read through all instructions before proceeding! If you follow these steps carefully, within 24 hours you can be ready to begin posting content on your new website!


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