Johansson & Lopez Attorneys Launches Expert Assistance to Defence Criminal Law Cases

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Johansson & Lopez Attorneys, P.A. give law assistance in Fort Lauderdale to help individuals defend their cases. The law firm incorporates several services to ensure that their clients will get the assistance that most suits their requirements.

Fort Lauderdale is a city on Florida’s southeastern coast, lots of people from several backgrounds, ethnicities, and races live together. The growing number of people, both who live for a long time or stay in the short term in the city each year contributes to the growing number of criminal acts. Some of those people who are associated with criminal cases are lucky enough to easily get law assistance from Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney and some other people are not.

Usually, criminal charges will not be restricted to offences such as driving under the influence (DUI), battery domestic violence, drug possession, criminal mischief, etc. However, for the lower crimes which are also referred to as summary criminal offences, people might also require to have the assistance of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to help win the cases. Johansson & Lopez Attorneys, P.A. – federal criminal defence attorney Fort Lauderdale is a well-reputed law firm located in Fort Lauderdale that has a powerful persistence to providing people with suitable law assistance. The law firm is supported by a team consisting of the best Fort Lauderdale Criminal attorneys.

“Fort Lauderdale remains one of Broward County’s most robust developing cities, so it’s vital for citizens to have access to outstanding legal counsel,” said Omar F. Guerra Johansson, Esq., Founding Partner of Johansson & Lopez Attorneys, P.A. “Our regular client growth in the South Florida market supports our confidence that our law office will help us increase our service offerings and allow us to make our client network.”

The law firm has several services to provide to the clients. The Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney of Johansson & Lopez Attorneys, P.A. provides clients with legal counsel required associated with their cases. The lawyers can even represent clients at the court when it is crucial. Clients can talk about whether they need to plead guilty or otherwise with the lawyers.

“The law doesn’t need a defence lawyer, but neither police nor prosecutors may refuse representation to any defendant who selects to produce this right. Defence attorneys assist many purposes and can usually greatly enhance the results of a case. They try to make sure that courts do not unlawfully convict accused or impose too many sentences for prosecutions,” said Omar F. Guerra Johansson, a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney.

About Omar F. Guerra Johansson

Omar F. Guerra Johansson is a highly credentialed Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Defense Attorney who graduated from Duke University in 1990. He served four years as a United States Naval Officer during the first Persian Gulf War, graduated from Tulane Law School, and then clerked for two years for a United States District Court Judge (a prestigious and limited honour). He then served five years as an Assistant Federal Public Defender representing over 500 federal defendants accused of federal crimes and served as a Prosecutor for the State of Florida prosecuting well over 500 cases. Currently, he dedicates his time as a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Fl.

About Johansson & Lopez Attorneys, P.A.

Johansson & Lopez Attorneys, P.A. – Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney is a law firm dedicated to helping people involved in any kinds of law cases and defending them. The law firm is supported by professional and experienced lawyers to represent the clients at court. The services provided by Johansson & Lopez Attorneys also includes giving law advice related to legal problems. For more information about the firm, please do not hesitate to visit

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