Know The Emerald And Gold Bracelet Essential Features!

The gold ornament has great demand in the market. The emerald necklace and gold bracelet has a tremendous need for wedding purposes or any auspicious occasion. Besides this, people also like to buy Emerald And Gold Bracelet.


There are many online stores where you can purchase these ornaments. But do you know about the specifications and features of this item? Let’s describe to you the specification for this. 



Find Out the Specification of Emerald And Gold Bracelet

  1. The minimum weight is 12.72 grams.
  2. The gold purity is 18 K.
  3. The jewellery category is Bracelets.
  4. The PID is 2416.
  5. The Bracelet is a natural 18K Bracelet.
  6. The Bracelet is for women.
  7. The Emerald is 0.65 and 18 K Bangles.
  8. The product is environmentally friendly.
  9. It is a direct manufacturing product.
  10. The product is made with pure gold.
  11. The client will get the customized design.
  12. The sample will be available at a very minimum price.
  13. Packaging is done with a designable box, nature-friendly poly bag and bubble sheet.
  14. For delivery, 5-15 business days are available.
  15. Various payment options are available. The credit card option is there.



Many people also like the gold necklace. There is Gold Emerald Necklace you can also check and buy for your best person.


Check the specifications of the product. 


  1. The gold purity is 18 to 22 karats.
  2. You will also get a cut and uncut design.
  3. The product is 100 percent original.
  4. The pay on delivery is available.
  5. Also, will get the return and exchange facilities within 7 days.
  6. The trail is open.

Various payment options are available for customers while they buy Gold Emerald NecklaceYou can check both products and buy according to your budget. You will find multiple gold bracelets and necklaces items in this category. 


Description: Know the specifications of the Bracelet and necklace and check all the features of both products. 

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