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Looking around at the wide expanse of moors, Joanna shivered with private detectives in Pakistan and Private Detectives in Lahore and thought she knew no lonelier place on God’s earth. We are one of the best private detective agencies for providing the all kind of information. It seemed to cut off from civilization, towns, and streets. And yet there was a raw beauty up here, a sense of truth and purity.’ Fleece-clad visitors often head the five miles out of Leek on the A53 Buxton Road to the distinctive rocky outcrop of the Roaches. In particular, one rock formation is exposed to brutal, chilling moorland winds, stands out from this popular climbing spot: the Winking Man.

Fallen Sparrow:

Shaped like a man’s head, this gritstone curiosity appears to wink at passers-by through a trick of the open sky and rock behind. In Catch, the Fallen Sparrow (1996), a boy’s burnt body is discovered under the Winking Man’s impassive, stony gaze investigated by private detectives in Pakistan. Contrasting the wild, elemental moorland with the sedate shelter of the town, Masters weaves the tragic life and death of a neglected young boy into an engaging and deeply moving mystery. It would be impossible to represent the Leek landscape without reference to the farming community.

Scaring Crows:

With a strong sense of rural life, Scaring Crows (1999) focuses on Joanna’s investigations into the deaths of a farmer and son in their stone farmhouse. Endangering Innocents (2002) tackles the rural blight of foot and mouth disease, footpath closures, and the terrible consequences for a strange, mute schoolgirl who goes missing.


 Six miles to the southwest of Leek, the conurbation of STOKE-ON TRENT, the one-time pottery capital of the world, is the location for Mary Kelly’s (pseud. Elizabeth Kendal, 1927—) Gold Dagger-winning The Spot Kill (1961). Guided by eighteenth-century pioneers such as Josiah Wedgwood towards its peak fame, mass-production meshed Stoke and surrounding towns into the giant industrial region of the private detectives in Pakistan. Our Town! That grey haphazard sprawl, that welter of shallow hills and twisting roads netted with little streets; six towns that had split outwards and run into each other as their native industry swelled, Burslem, Tunstall, Longton, Fenton, Hanley, Stoke.

What is Actual Assigned Characteristics:

Later I could see differences between their centers, at least, assigned characteristics. But, on that day, I saw only the confused legacy of past opportunism and nineteenth-century industrial expansion. Houses, factories, chapels, laundries, shops, and potteries, built as needed, sprouting along the roads that linked the six, till they touched. No plan, no architectural consistency, only on all sides the unity of dark red brick blackened with soot, more or less, according to its age, With the success of private detectives in Pakistan came squalor and grime: until its recent post-industrial facelift Stoke was known as the pollution capital of Britain.


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