Locale: “Glen Oaks, CA”

If you’re looking for a great place to go glamping in California, you should definitely consider Big Sur. A quiet cabin amid towering redwoods at Glen Oaks can be the right spot to stay if the thought of camping doesn’t appeal to you but you still want to be in nature. There are two clawfoot soaking tubs in the secluded courtyard, so you probably won’t spend much time indoors.

When 1968 came around in New York

The cedar timber cabin is a design lover’s dream. A decade ago, it underwent a painstaking restoration that brought back charming features like “owl eye” windows. The 1968 is nestled in the East Hampton forest, providing a sense of seclusion without sacrificing proximity to the area’s many restaurants and super mario bros  stores, perfect for picking up a gift for your significant other or planning a romantic evening out.

Ranch in Rock Creek, Montana

The Ranch at Rock Creek is a 19th-century farmstead turned posh, all-inclusive guy ranch where rough and tumble meets endlessly romantic. Cozy creekside cabins with in-floor hydronic heat and outdoor soaking tubs allow couples to act out their pioneer fantasies while sharing a common interest in horseback riding or learning a new skill like trout fishing.

New York’s Windward Coast

Eastwind, in the Catskills, is the perfect place to get away from it all with your significant other because it is peaceful and never endingly romantic. The fact that you get to huddle up in a cute A-frame cottage just adds to its appeal. It’s similar to camping in the wilderness, but with all four seasons in mind and a real roof over your head.

City of Twin Farms, Vermont

Twin Farms is a favorite among those who value both luxury and tranquility. The freestanding cabins feature fieldstone fireplaces, wood stoves, hot tubs, and floor-to-ceiling windows so that guests may take in the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. A gorgeous estate awaits outside for romantic couples to explore at their leisure.

Location: Sorrel River Ranch in Utah

Moab is a hub for exciting red-rock excursions, and it’s only a short drive from Arches National Park. It’s true that a romantic vacation doesn’t have to be nonstop excitement. At Sorrel River Ranch, couples may take some time to unwind and renew in one of their cozy cabins, complete with a fireplace, a private veranda, rocking chairs, and panoramic views of the Colorado River.

Vermont’s Sterling Ridge Resort

Sterling Ridge Resort offers a romantic, relaxing Vermont vacation. The rustic one-bedroom cottages are warm and inviting, with wood stoves and whirlpool tubs to spark romance. Apple picking and leaf peeping in the fall are just two of the many outdoor activities available if you decide to get out of the house. Other possibilities include enjoying the water, going on a bike ride, or seeing a farm.

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