MBA in IT Management | Fee & Eligibility | Syllabus, 2022-23

What is MBA in IT Management?

It is essential to have a well-functioning IT infrastructure in today’s digital world. Almost every business relies on information and communication technology to carry out its day-to-day operations, and these systems need to be maintained and improved by experts. Having a master’s degree in IT management demonstrates to prospective employers that you have the analytical, methodological, communicative, and social skills necessary to help shape their IT environment and effectively manage their resources. You’ll have a leg up on the competition in a field that’s experiencing rapid growth.

All information technology resources of a company are managed in accordance with the company’s needs and priorities in IT Management. Computer hardware, software, networks, storage, and personnel are all examples of these resources. Budgeting, staffing, change management, software design, network planning, and technological support are just a few of the areas covered in this process.


What can you expect to learn in an IT management programme?

Information Technology Management courses also cover the following topics, in addition to those covered in general MBA programmes.

  • IT’s Enterprise Applications for Business
  • IT Planning and Development
  • Techniques and Methods for Outsourcing Information Technology
  • Information Technology Consultancy and Advisory
  • E-Business
  • Information Technology (IT) Project Management
  • Platforms and Services that are Developing
  • Entrepreneurship in the Information Technology Sector
  • Innovating Business Models through the Use of Technology


The format and length of a course can vary from one institution to the next, but most include lectures, group projects, case studies, internships, and other activities. Students may be required to have prior work experience or skills in Information Technology before enrolling in a programme. Having knowledge of network administration, programming, software development, or data mining is considered a strong asset by many prestigious universities around the world.


Prospects for a Profession and a Job

With an MBA in IT Management from India, IT professionals can gain the interdisciplinary experience they need to be successful in a variety of workplaces around the world. You will learn how to seamlessly integrate human resources, information and communication technologies, business processes, and the organization’s long-term strategic goals.

A qualified student’s career options may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Management of a project
  2. Communications across multiple platforms
  3. The development of business
  4. Developing a Game Plan
  5. Management of products
  6. Corporate and Product Marketing
  7. Management of the supply chain
  8. Resources for People


Distance Education Eligibility for an MBA in IT Management

Students with a BBA IT degree from a UGC-recognized university with at least 54% marks in the annual exams are eligible to apply to this programme.

After completing this degree, students have the option of continuing their education by pursuing a doctorate.

Because this is a professional master’s degree that necessitates a certain amount of prior study to understand the more advanced courses, students who wish to apply for admission to the postgraduate MBA with an IT Management concentration must meet certain prerequisites before they can be considered for admission.

A bachelor’s degree in any computer or science discipline from a recognised institution is required for the MBA in IT Management Distance Education. The bachelor’s degree should be at least three to four years old. IT Management, IT and Telecom, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering are among the preferred bachelor’s degrees in the IT sector.


Applicants for the MBA in IT Management Distance Education Admissions 2022-23

An advanced degree in information technology management In the context of distance education, a company’s IT resources are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities. Budgeting, software design, change management, network planning, technical support, etc. are all part of this procedure. Entrance exams are used by students to apply for MBA IT Management Admission. Admission tests like the CAT, NMAT, XAT, and SMAT are used by many universities to award MBAs in IT.

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