MG Hector Vs Astor – Every One must Know

There is no question that MG Hector and MG Astor are the greatest in their respective fields. When it comes to MG Hector Vs MG Astor, MG Hector includes a list of the Top 5 Connectivity Features while MG Astor as a compact SUV has some segment-first intelligent features. Keep up with the MG Hector available at affordable costs, while the MG Astor is incredible in mid-size SUV segment. Contact the Authorized PPS MG Showroom Hyderabad for sales inquiries of MG Hector or MG Astor.

While the Astor adds flavor to the high-end luxury offerings, Hector occupies a unique space in the SUV market. With a fairly value-rich offering, the MG Hector caters to a broad list of features, provides excellent comfort, and distinguishes itself in the segment with a hybrid powertrain. With the MG Astor, the more progressive automaker has developed a Car-as-a-Platform (CAAP) idea of options and services.

Why MG Hector is Best Choice?

The MG Hector is primarily available with 5 appealing features alongside the typical characteristics of a mid-size SUV. The magnificent five include iSmart technology, a 48V mild hybrid system, pre-loaded apps for a 10.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and the capability to receive over-the-air updates. The top-most appealing connectivity feature, Voice Assist powered by AI, matches Indian accents. Nuance used machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure that Hector responds appropriately.

Hector’s voice assist uses the speech command “Hello MG,” assists with information, when turning ON. The 100 functions available, which include controlling the navigation and climate control system as well as opening and closing the windows and sunroof, support it as the best in its segment. The iSmart Telematics Smartphone App integrates technology with owners to receive real-time data on their cellphones.  This is one of the Hector’s top features.

Why is MG Hector Popular in India?

Today’s needs in India have increasingly grown when taking the need of the hour combining performance and technology into account. With the MG Hector becoming the first compact SUV, the 48V Mild Hybrid System & MDMS is a step toward making a hybrid powertrain more widely available.

It uses a hybrid technology system with 48V and combines a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. Get the MG Hector now MG Hector Showroom Hyderabad with powerful, big battery-powered system, and intelligent features. Also, MG claims Hector’s fuel economy climbs by 12 percent and CO2 emissions to reduce by 11 percent. In addition to many other features, the system has idle start-stop, E-boost, and regenerative braking.

Technology-First on MG Hector

When new software updates are made available, the MG Hector downloads them via Over-The-Air (OTA) without any effort, whenever they are made accessible. This makes it possible for customers to get live software updates, entertainment material, and app updates. Also, it increases the likelihood that Internet access on Hector will be similar to that of a smartphone.

The features on Hector allow for tracking the location of the SUV, allowing geo-fencing, and checking tyre pressure while giving keeping an on-roll. The app provides access to turn on the ignition, lock/unlock the doors, and start the air conditioning. Owners may make an SUV service appointment and view the service history of their vehicles using the app.

This best preference vehicle in India among the SUV segment comprises the pre-loaded apps for the infotainment system. MG Hector Showroom in Hyderabad gears up with MG Hector as the best-preferred model while top features are incorporated. A 10.4-inch HD touch touchscreen is included in the device. Hector’s infotainment system comes with a tonne of pre-installed apps, such as a Gaana premium account for music streaming, Find My Car, TomTom’s IQ maps navigation, and an AccuWeather app for weather forecasts.

MG Hector Engine Options

The 1.5-liter turbo-petrol with 48-volt mild hybrid, 1.5-liter turbo-petrol, and 2.0-liter diesel engines are available for the small SUV. In particular, MG states that the hybrid model with an ARAI certification has a fuel efficiency rating of 15.81 km per gallon.

Is MG Astor Style Worth Buying?

Going into the specifics of the intelligence that makes the MG Astor Style worthwhile to purchase, the mid-range radars are powered by Autonomous Level 2 technology. The MG Vehicle may implement a number of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems thanks to a multipurpose camera (ADAS). It includes two different petrol engine options and an AI-based personal assistant. With the MG Astor, the more progressive automaker has developed a Car-as-a-Platform (CAAP) idea of options and services.

As MG Astor develops the Emotional Dynamism philosophy, which links people to the car, intelligence is redefined. There’s a possibility to create and implement subscriptions and services with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and that cater to consumers’ “on-demand in-car” needs. The brand introduces a personal AI assistant to its global range with this incredible smart automobile.

MG asserts that Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) enable the AI assistant to replicate human behaviour. An AI assistant can converse and change its expressions on Astor’s dashboard while carrying out specific tasks. Here you may also access the “OK, Google!” speech assistant found on Android phones in MG format.

Technology Refreshed

Access to a number of services and subscriptions is available through MG Astor’s i-Smart Hub. MG has increased the scope of its offerings by collaborating with Park+ and Map My India alongside major Jio’s partnership for internet services. The offerings on the MG Astor in form of services include making parking lot reservations for shopping centres, paying for fastag, and seeing 4D maps. This intelligent vehicle also includes a digital passport that enables data storage with Microsoft’s cloud services, including car service histories and insurance details. In order to provide data technology services and stop hackers from stealing the data, MG and L&T collaborate.

When compared to its electric counterpart, the ZS EV, it has three interior theme options. It sports a 7-inch instrument cluster and a 10.1-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A panoramic sunroof, power-adjustable front seats, a 360-degree camera view, automated climate control, an automatic parking brake, and an air purifier are among the other noteworthy features.

MG Astor Engine & Performance

The Astor comes in two-engine trims and is only available in petrol form. One has a 1.5-liter normally aspirated engine with 144 Nm of torque and 110horsepower, while the other has a BritDynamic 1.4-liter 220Turbo engine with 140 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. Five-speed manual or CVT automatic transmissions are available for the 110-horsepower engine. However, only a six-speed torque-converter automatic transmission is offered with the 140-horsepower engine.

When the drive is engaged, the turbo-petrol version’s smooth powertrain is just fantastic. Even with the foot pressed all the way to the metal, the engine’s buzzing noise is hardly audible. This shows off its ninja-like abilities while moving. All three steering settings provide sufficient power thanks to the silky smoothness. In all driving situations, a good balance yields significant performance.

Is MG Astor bigger than MG Hector?

The MG Astor is smaller than the MG Hector. For greater comprehension, compare the dimensions below.

MG Astor dimensions- The Length is 4323 mm, the Width is 1809 mm, and the height is 1650 mm respectively. MG Astor has a wheelbase of 2585 mm with a Ground Clearance of 180 mm.

Dimensions of MG Hector- The Length is 4655 mm, the Width is 1835 mm, and the height is 1760 mm respectively. MG Hector has a wheelbase of 2750 mm with Ground Clearance Unladen 192 mm.

MG Hector Price Vs MG Astor Price

Hector ranges between a price tag of Rs. 12.18 lakh* and Rs. 16.88 lakh* (ex-showroom price in India) while MG Astor Price starts at Rs 9.98 lakh* and goes up to Rs 17.72 lakh* (ex-showroom price, India).


MG has always been committed to customer-centricity while building a strong technology point with the intelligence on the MG Astor & MG Hector that reveals the brand power. Experience a seamless driving experience with the MG Hector or MG Astor while purchasing at a competitive price bracket alongside enjoying the style and performance. MG always caters to the best safety and capability in fulfilling all your daily conveyance needs. Book a test drive online or visit our PPS Morris Garages Showroom in Hyderabad to know more about the tech specs or features of MG Astor.

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