Midnight Lustddfddfg

The road that led to and from Langdale was torn to pieces by the elements. Grass filled the labyrinth of cracks and sand covered whatever was left. The occasional animal can be heard rustling in the tall grasses of the unkempt gardens or hiding in the wild overgrown bushes.
Many doors had collapsed as rot ate away their edges. The open doorways that were once perhaps very welcoming were now an eerie and unwelcoming sight. Broken cars and rusty pieces of metal littered some of the larger driveways, stripped from all but their most useless parts.

Langdale, once a growing town on the rise to a better future had all but faded away from history. The many sounds of wild animals who’ve made their home in this town are carried in the wind and give it a new sense of liveliness and vibrancy.
The town hall, once the pride and glory of this town, was turned into a new pride and glory by the various animals that lived here. Birds, cats, dogs and all sorts of rodents had all taken their spots.

Street after street of abandoned homes made for a terrifying thought. Each house was once a home, a home belonging to a family and now there was only emptiness. But there was an awful feeling of hopelessness you couldn’t escape from. Even if those who lived here returned too much had been lost already and it’d never be the same again.

The road that led to and from Northpass was barely more than a dirt path now and covered in shrubs and small bushes. Fallen trees block some of the paths while others continue to grow, their branches no longer prevented from growing into houses.
Some doors were shut tightly, others were broken down. Some forcefully, others had simply collapsed under their own weight as the elements continued to eat away at them. Window panes hung perilously from their hinges and here and there drapes had been flung out by the wind.

Northpass , once a peaceful and growing community had become nothing more than a painful memory. The wind in the trees and the creaking of wood were the new dominant sounds in a once lively community rich in sounds of joy and simple pleasures.
The main hotel has had a few esteemed guests over the years, but it was now decrepit and starting to collapse bit by bit. A few animals still dare to wander here, but most wisely stay away from the fragile walls.

Were it not for the animals that had made their home in many of the buildings this town would’ve surely been a far more unsettling sight. But even though many buildings had found a new purpose there was just no way this town’s former self could ever be restored.

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