Mitigate labor costs for spills with our chemical storage containers in Australia

Chemicals in liquid form are extensively used throughout the world and are required to be stored, once they are produced and before being sent to the users. However, stowing these chemicals can be challenging to handle and can easily spill out, if they are not stocked in an appropriate method. 

In this process, the storage units stowing these hazardous chemicals and oils must be built in conformity with suitable methods that can prevent any leakages and related mishaps. Here, a simple chemical suspension of liquid spillage is known as the chemical bund. Such chemical storage containers in Australia or bunds are provided by Active Lifting Equipment Co Pty Ltd and such precise containment bunds make it much safer to store more chemicals, as it contains several tanks with greater volume. 

What Is Meant By Chemical Bund?

Chemicals bunds or chemical storage containers are a kind of secondary containment helping to avert liquid chemical spillovers from spreading menacingly. Thus, such bunds produce an obstacle modeled to keep the unsafe chemical liquid inside, thereby mitigating the risk to the staff of the chemical plants and the surrounding ecosystem. Herein, the containment captures the chemicals with a predefined area, enabling easier cleaning processes.

Distinct types of bunds are available, entailing the permanent and portable one, wherein they can be used for the safe stowing of different volumes of liquids from 20L drums to 40,000L tanks. There can be distinct types of bunds in the market, like, the IBC and portable drum bunds, pallet bunds, floor containments, collapsible and tank bunds that can be applied for diverse storage needs. 

Whyshould the Chemical Plants and Manufactories Use a Chemical Bund?

As stowing chemicals, especially liquid ones, and oil are considered as great perils, due to the higher capability of damages they can cause to the environment, it is vital to keep them safe. For this, most countries globally stipulate the supply of bunds, in which case, such containment bunds need to be certified by the relevant authorities of that specific country, and entails particular technical protocols to be adhered to. Such regulations include the volume of liquid oil and chemical to be reserved and related drainage planning, along with other aspects such as firefighting. Herein, the positioning of such bunds can also be controlled by law. 

Thus, such containment bunds are a smart strategy for the chemical plant owners to prevent chemical leakages, thereby preventing any mishaps like fire breaks due to the inflammable attribute of most chemicals and oils. Besides, in the safety protocols, the effective fire-fighting system should be positioned nearby to each bund that enables to avert the risk of accidental spreading. 

Such chemical bunds are extremely beneficial to the chemical plants in Australia, wherein state regulations and greater labor costs make any chemical spillovers too hefty for the authorities. For this, bunds and containments are the perfect options available to mitigate the cost and time of spillover cleaning procedures. Moreover, the bunds are the best choice to improve efficiency in the workplace by reducing any accidental spillovers, whenever the chemical containers are exposed to harsh climatic conditions and UV rays of the sun. 

What Distinct Types of Bunds and Containment Are Offered By Active Lifting Equipment?

Active Lifting Equipment brings in containments made with Polyethylene that has high chemical resistance, wherein such deep bunds provide for secondary containment of perilous toxic liquid chemicals and oils. Such highly functional bunds are used for stowing and dispensing hazardous chemicals and are also utilized for preventing any unexpected spillovers. It offers easy installation, wherein a flat and smooth surface is required to position the containments that possess self-supporting attributes.

In this process, all the round-shaped bunds are fabricated completely with LDPE (low-density Polyethylene), without having any metal constituents. Herein, the bunds are provided with a 75mm outlet and bung or stopper to prevent any spillages. Active Lifting also offers high capacity rectangular bunds for storing and allocating distinct chemicals such as diesel fuel, Caustics, And Hypochlorite, amongst others. Moreover, such bunds and containments can also be made in a tailor-made size to meet any particular industrial needs. 

Final Verdict

Acknowledging the cardinal mileages presented by chemical storage containers in Australia by Active Lifting Equipment Co Pty Ltd, it will be a rational proposition for the chemical plant owners to order such quality products, ensuring safety for their business. Besides, with an ISO 9001 International Standard compliant organization having over 24 years of chemical bunds supplying exposure, such procurements can be a prudent decision. 

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