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Garbage container – a container used to collect construction, industrial, and household waste bins and sort it in the country or public utilities. Products differ in volume, color, materials, configuration and purpose.

So containers are divided by a purpose:

  • for the disposal of solid domestic waste;
  • for the disposal of municipal waste;
  • separate collection;
  • ballot boxes for the house and giving.


Plastic Bins Sale

The volume of containers varies from 35 to 1100 liters. Tanks are made of plastic by cold molding with high pressure. In the manufacturing process, advanced technologies and modern European equipment are used.


Our advantages


The first is the safety of plastic products. In the manufacture of containers, plastic of high quality and strength is used, so the product serves for a long time, is durable, and has high wear resistance.


The second advantage is a large selection. These are different in color, size, shape containers, equipped with durable lids and wear-resistant wheels.


The third advantage is that tanks can be used both at home, in an ordinary house, office, and within large industries and companies.


The fourth advantage is the guarantee of delivery by the company at the appointed time to the right place.


Garbage containers and bins from the manufacturer in the UK

We invite you to buy plastic tanks and containers in the UK from the Bin manufacturer at the address: 327 Dudley Rd, Birmingham B18 4HB, United Kingdom                  


Our task is to supply high-quality plastic containers and packaging on time according to the needs of the client. The company has long established itself as a reliable partner, able to quickly solve complex problems in accordance with the stated deadlines, and cope with difficulties on the spot. On the market of plastic containers and packaging since 1995.

Buy garbage containers from Agropak

Do you need a good solid waste bin? Have you thought about the necessary characteristics of the trash can?

More recently, plastic garbage containers in Moscow were not popular. They replaced iron boxes – bulky and heavy. The low resistance of the metal to the effects of acids from MSW and other liquids, as well as atmospheric influences, lead to the rapid destruction of the material – rust does not give any chance for long-term operation.

Top Quality Waste Bins

Plastic waste boxes are an ideal option for individuals and organizations, as well as for management companies. Evaluate the benefits of this type of product:

  • Compact and light weight;
  • Convenient wheels for transportation;
  • Resistance to water and acids;
  • Resistance to temperature extremes;
  • Compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements;
  • High strength of the material and its elasticity;
  • Possibility of delicate cleaning after emptying;
  • The format of the container with a lid ensures the tight storage of garbage and the absence of an unpleasant odor and harmful fumes.
Garbage containers in the UK for housing adjoining areas

Where to buy an outdoor garbage container in UK? Of course, in the Serico company! In our product catalog you can buy a garbage container of any volume of interest:




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