Motorists leave the official workshops

We go in search of assistance at more competitive prices

The world of cars is not just made up of purchases and registrations, there are also repairs. And this sector too, at this moment, presents problems. The question arises from an analysis by the Autopromotec Observatory, which highlighted how the loyalty of motorists to official assistance networks is very high immediately after the purchase of a new car.

The search for low cost

Loyalty to dealership workshops decreases over time, with the gradual transition to independent car repairers. In short, between car liability, road tax, and repairs, the pockets of motorists cry more and more misery and, at least in one of these three sectors, those who drive are looking for a low cost.

After two years of buying a new car, according to the survey, the percentage of those who continue to go to the dealership workshops for maintenance and repairs decreases. If in 2021 the percentage of motorists who, in the first year, went to dealership workshops was 84%, two years after the purchase the percentage drops to 73%, down by two points compared to 75% in 2019. Three years after the purchase, it goes to 57% (60% in 2019) and four to 45% (46% in 2019).

According to Autopromotec, the phenomenon depends on the search for quality technical assistance at more competitive insurance prices and distributed throughout the territory in a more widespread way. In the last two years, experts speak of a “physiological trend” which has been accentuated due to the consequences of the health emergency: the economic crisis has led to the search for a quality offer at more competitive prices, that is, in essence, more contained.

To make matters worse, lockdowns also intervened, which limited the mobility of users and therefore favored the search for assistance points closer to the place where the car is located.

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