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Miami, FL – Movee is an international cargo transport agency that connects Miami and Peru with shipping. The Cargo Shipping Agency based in the United States provides Miami to Peru shipping solutions with access to aircraft or ships. From the smallest box to the large pallet, the Cargo Shipping Agency assists businesses of Miami and Peru once they require to go with effective and on-time transportation. Along with shipping to several locations in Latin America.

The Cargo Shipping Agency provides a range of cargo shipping Miami Peru services and industry solutions with the help of a team of professionals. The Shipping Agency provides a complete solution for all shipping including Freight Forwarding and Air Express with specialization. The company connects businesses with new opportunities with a full suite of Miami to Peru shipping services achieving their time and value requirements. The Shipping Agency provides the following specialized services:

Air Packages from Miami Florida to Lima / Callao in Peru

This Air Cargo Shipping Miami Peru service is perfect for general cargo shipping as well as for Courier service, cargo of lightweight and quantity. Deliveries are available in a timescale of 7-10 days to Lima Peru. Their regular shipments depart on Sunday, so the cargo should be in their warehouse on Thursday. Shipments to inland places are redirected and sent through local delivery companies.

Maritime Shipping to Lima / Callao Peru

This kind of shipment is the perfect choice for large and bulky cargo, with delivery to the cities of Peru for 15 days. They reduce the size of the cargo by repackaging every item to make shipping more cost-effective.

Furthermore, their services include shipments to various ports in Peru. From Miami or any International Port: Puerto Lomas in Arequipa, Pisco and General San Martín both located in Ica, Peru.

Being a leader in Shipping to Peru from Miami, The Cargo Shipping Agency also offers a wide variety of immediate transportation alternatives for shipments from Miami to Peru. The Shipping Agency is capable of dealing with time-sensitive shipments in the most beneficial approaches to help businesses achieve their objectives.

Movee Miami to Peru Cargo Shipping Agency is big enough to provide freight of any type, to any location via air and ocean. Businesses can directly interact with professionals and shipment experts to find out what shipping options are ideal for their unique business needs. The company is capable of providing its clients with the personal attention they require with Global Shipping Solutions.

Their services consist of determining a physical and postal address in the United States to be able to send the purchases to their address. They have various shipping to Peru. Their website will allow you to calculate the cost of your purchase at Kmart, Amazon, Walmart or of your purchase from any web store in the USA.

Their operational and office employees understand the importance of handling our business in a harmless and accountable way. They ensure that every discussion between each client and their representative is a pleasant one and a prosperous experience.

Contact here to book your Miami to Peru shipment today:

Movee are a Peruvian Cargo Shipping Agency located in the United States, specifically in Miami Fl. In addition to shipping to different destinations in Latin America, we specialize in shipping to Peru.
Our services consist of assigning you a physical and postal address in the United States so that you can send us your purchases to our address. We have different shipping services to Peru. Our website will allow you to calculate the cost of your purchase at Kmart, Amazon, Walmart or of your purchase from any online store from the USA.

Contact Info:

Name: Marden Cabellos
Company Name: Movee
Address: 10900 NW 21st St SUITE 240, Miami, FL 33172
Phone: +17867558389

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