My Broker does not deliver my Insurance policy

My Broker does not deliver my Insurance policy

That taking out Insurance to ensure the protection of your property is essential, we are already at a loss to know, isn’t that true?

But there are super important points you need to know after taking out your insurance.

Right after closing an Insurance, regardless of the contracted branch, you will come across the policy.

This documentation works as a contract where all Insurance conditions are specified.

Let’s understand better about this? Keep reading…

What is a policy?

A policy is a document issued by the Insurer when you purchase a good, which can be a product or service.

This document contains the rules, responsibilities, and assistance agreed with the Insurer.

As well as guarantees, terms, validity, basic and additional coverage.

In addition, there are three clauses/conditions that must be included in a policy:

  • General conditions;
  • Special conditions;
  • Private conditions.

On average, the term for issuing an Insurance policy is up to 15 days after the effective date.

However, there is an essential detail to be highlighted: after underwriting, the Insured is fully entitled to receive the policy from their Insurance Broker.

But, what happens in many cases is that Insurance Brokers do not send policies to Policyholders.

And this is a great danger, the guarantees and rights of the Insurance you contracted are contained in the policy.

And it is the assurance that everything that was contracted is 100% fulfilled.

Pay attention to this very important detail if your Insurance Broker refuses to send the policy.

But don’t worry, we at Cristiano Andrade Seguros always send the policy, as it belongs to all our policyholders.

And we see our duty to let you know everything and always very well informed so that you can relax.

With us, you don’t have any risk, because our mission is to protect the good you’ve won.


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