Nerdle : Overview and How to play

After the success of Wordle in the world, Nerdle, a numerical-based viral puzzle game was created based on this game. The concept is similar to Wordle , but instead of guessing letters, players must guess a number in squares by the way using principles of mathematical symbols and solve the basic equation. 

1, Origination of nerdle 

Inspired by Wordle – One of the most popular games in the world, Richard and Imogen Mann envisaged Nerdle for fans of Maths and Wordle. They, with their coworkers, have worked hard to choose in a thousand words the “words” players are interested in. 

Wordle game is compared with math and brings a new and different experience for players. However, unlike Wordle you should guess the hidden mathematical equations. In this game you are allowed to use numbers, multiplication, division, subtraction to find out the final correct number was hidden. 

2, How to play

Nerdle has the rules like Wordle, you need guess letters in a row which includes 8 squares. The color of each title will show how your guess closes the correct answer. You have 6 tries to guess the final answer. 

  • There is a board 8 x 6 square
  • A letters include one of the “0123456789+*?=” 
  • The calculation must be correct and must have “=’
  • Don’t start with negative numbers like : -2-5=-10

The number is green, it means the guess is correct spot and in the solution 

The number is purple means it is in solution but in the wrong spot

The number is black means answer is totally wrong  

Click on Nerdle and enter your guess with devices like keyboard or a laptop/tablet, a smartphone. 

3, Commutativity and Operation 

Nerdle allows commutativity. Example 5 + 3*8 = 29 and 5+ 8*3 = 29 or 8*3+5=29 is accepted. Your guess is accepted if it does not change the meaning of the solution and has the same numbers. 

The maths principle called ‘ order of operation” is applied as one of the master benefits for players. Operation means that you have to calculate “*” and “/” before “+” and “-”. So 4+5*2 the same as 4+ (5*2) but not the same as (4+5)*2. This is a simple principle in maths and easy to remember. 

4, Are there different game types?

Nerdle develops from the original nerdle game to have many types of benefits called ‘pro”, “instant”, “speed”, “mini”.

Mini rate has 6 number instead of 8 number but it is still hard enough to become a challenge

Speed rate you are given a beginning guess and you need work against the clock. 

Instant rate you only have a guess but you are given all of the numbers and you need to rely on that number to find the correct answer. 

Pro rate allows you to create new answers for other players. You can create simple or difficult math as you like. 

5, How to share the results? 

When you solve the puzzle, your result will be shown on the screen and your rank will change. you can click on the share button to share your result with your friends and family or players around the world. i

If you play on a tablet or smartphone you can share online straight to apps such as facebook, whatsapp, twitter… Some mobile and laptops don’t support operating systems so you can’t share functions. In this case, you should share some text like “ Nerdle – The highest score” or you can take a screen to share with others+

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