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Korea’s biggest fashion influencer is busted wearing FAKE Chanel and designer knock-offs as she’s forced to issue a grovelling apology just weeks after gaining millions of followers on hit Netflix show Single’s Inferno

The breakout star of Netflix Korea’s hit dating series Single’s Inferno has been forced to issue a grovelling apology after being caught wearing designer knock-offs.

Song Ji-a, also known by her YouTube moniker Freezia, shared a handwritten apology with her millions of Instagram followers after viewers noticed that a Chanel top she wore on the reality show was a designer dupe.

After spotting the fake Chanel, fans discovered some of the other items featured on the 25-year-old’s social media accounts were also cheap imitations of luxury brands.

‘First, I sincerely apologise to everyone who has been disappointed and hurt because of me,’ Ji-a wrote on Instagram.

‘Some of the comments currently being made about the fake designer products I wore on social media and on Single’s Inferno are true. I’m really sorry,’ she added.

‘I apologise once again for any situation caused by the infringement of the designers’ creations and ignorance of copyright.

‘As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognise the controversy and reflect deeply. All content with exposed fakes has been deleted. I also apologise to the brands who were harmed because of me.’

The scandal quickly spread like wildfire across Korea, where Single’s Inferno is the country’s biggest Netflix show, leading the public to question if Ji-a embellished her persona for fame.

She racked up three million Instagram followers off the back of her appearance on Single’s Inferno, becoming the breakout star of the series thanks to her seemingly enviable lifestyle.

Not only did her good looks and sense of style earn her attention, she was also praised for being a ‘golden spoon’ – a Korean term for somebody born into a wealthy family.

She boasted about living at the Seoul Forest Trimage, which is one of the country’s most enviable apartment complexes and a favourite among K-pop idols and celebrities.

She also attended one of Korea’s top schools, Hanyang University, which only added to her popularity in the education-obsessed country.

However, after her designer scandal broke, fans did some digging and discovered she was just a dance major at Hanyang, while others questioned if she owned her luxury apartment or if she was simply renting it.

‘Nothing to throw a fit about, but I do think it’s a shame that people have to fake an entire rich persona and wear brand knock-offs to be considered marketable. It’s both sad and bizarre,’ one viewer wrote, according to Koreaboo.

‘It’s embarrassing, because why not be honest? It seems like she is embarrassed about her upbringing. She could’ve made videos about affordable good dupes, but she didn’t, which says something about her too,’ complained another.

‘I think people are hating more because she tried to make herself up to be a golden spoon. People wouldn’t have cared if she was just honest about being a normal college student living alone in a studio,’ added a fan.

‘She really wore replicas on Netflix? Talk about embarrassing our country,’ wrote one critic, while another said: ‘That’s quite ballsy of her to go on TV wearing replicas. Is she really even a golden spoon?’

Fans on social media have been in a spin since the series premiered, with many likening it to the Love Island franchise.

‘So Korea made a show similar to Love Island. I’m so invested,’ tweeted one viewer.

‘I’m sure the girls and gays will go gaga over this guy,’ added another, referring to hunky contestant Kim Hyeong-joong.

‘Singles Inferno gotta be one of the best things Korea did this year,’ a third said.

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