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BTS Jin’s first solo OST was released today at 6 PM KST. It showcased the immaculate power of Jin as a vocalist while he was getting millions of compliments on his voice. Many ordinary listeners could not believe that the singer of the song belonged to the global group BTS.

Korean netizens have always been supportive of Jin as a singer since the Korean audience likes strong voices that can deliver excellent ballads. Currently, Jin is the longest-charting member on MelOn in BTS history and the 2nd most-streamed while having the biggest number of unique listeners on his songs combined.

Let’s see the reactions of Knetz to the new song by Jin, “Yours”:

“Your voice is like a jewel.”

“You do actual acting while singing. It hit me even more than I thought it will.”

“The low and high notes are so good. I understand why you’ve got invited to sing the OST.”

“Jin sounds really good even without an accompaniment. I feel my ears melting, even his breathing is soooo.”

“Wow, I can understand why Jin sings this. The vocals are great.”

“He is really great at both bass and falsettos, it’s crazy.”

“It’s so different from the BTS songs. Your voice is very good.”

“You are so captivating, Jin’s voice is a treasure.”

“He has a great voice and goes really well with the song. The song is unique and his vocal expressions are very good. It makes me feel good and emotional.”

“Bangtan’s Jin is new to me. I’m sorry I didn’t know you could sing so well.”

“The song is so good, his tone is as clear as his looks.”

“You have a beautiful voice..I’ve noticed your voice since since you sang “Blue and Grey.”

“Jin’s voice has a story, this song is good for a winter.”

“Even the repetitive Ratatata conveys different emotions.”

“He has a variety of tones and his vocal skills are very good. Jin is really amazing. Every time a new song comes out, he does evenbetter. This OST is absolutely amazing ㅠㅠ.”

“I’m also watching a drama, and it seems that the song conveys the emotions of the male lead in the play well enough, so the ability to convey emotions is really great ㅠㅠ The low, middle, high, and high-pitched falsettos are all so good, I don’t get tired of listening to them repeatedly ㅠㅠ The tone is so good ㅠㅠ “

“Jin’s voice is so amazing, he is a pride vocalist of Bangtan.”

“The voice that I liked the first time I heard a solo song, that feeling, I think it’s all contained in this song ㅠㅠ

Tears welled up as I was concentrating on the song and listening to it with a headset.

It feels like that feeling is soaking into me ㅠㅠ It’s so good… Thank you for singing the song ㅠㅠ.”

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