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No home is complete without plants, be it that lone tulsi in the balcony or an urban indoor jungle made of indoor plants. To build you home and buy plants online in Bangalore, there is no better place than Ugaoo. With its wide range of indoor and outdoor foliage plants, low maintenance indoor plants for busy working people or vegetable and flower seeds for the health conscious and gardening enthusiasts, Ugaoo has something to offer to everybody. Good quality indoor plants in Bangalore that are home delivered to your doorstep are hard to come by, so if you wish to buy plants online in Bangalore, explore Ugaoo.

With its pleasant weather all year round and a thriving gardening community, buying plants online in Bangalore with same day delivery seems like a gardener’s dream.
Ugaoo not only sells the best quality plants online and is not only the most trusted online plant nursery. Buying indoor plants for home in Bangalore is easy with an online plant nursery but planters are equally important. If you want to buy premium quality ceramic planters online in Bangalore, Ugaoo is your answer. The right pots for plants in Bangalore can be found easily with us. When you order plants online from us, it comes to you in a self-watering pot with a special potting mix and a detailed plant care guide to help you understand your houseplants better. All our plants are packed in completely recyclable and state-of-the-art packaging we call plant pods.
Our plants for sale online are categorised as per placement, special characteristics, plant type, and decor style. All our online plants come with detailed information like plant care tips, growing conditions, plant FAQs, with accurate product images. You get what you see on the website. We are the most trusted online nursery in India and a one-stop-shop for all gardening tools, pesticides, fertilisers, and other gardening needs. Visit us to buy live plants online in Bangalore.
At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that it’s not only people who grow plants, but plants that grow people.

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