Provista furnishes resilient and sophisticated framed glass balustrades

Balustrades, especially the glass ones epitomize a discernible aesthetic vibe to both the residential and commercial properties and present the perfect approach to revamp the interior or exterior zones.

With its distinctly clear and majestic proportions, the glass balustrades undeniably augment the saleable worth of the buildings. Showcasing a spectacular ultramodern architectural aura, the framed glass balustrades is one of the most preferred choices for the customers, as it can bring out the essence of the property, along with reliable protection.



How Provista Proves Their Worth To The Clients With Their Framed Glass Guardrails?

The esteemed balustrade supplier of Provista presents handrails in framed glass designs that conform to the NZ4223 AS1926.1 Code of Compliance for glazing in buildings, along with AS/NZS 1170.1 Structural Design and Design Loadings. The engineer-designed products also present completely hidden fixtures for the guardrails, therein showcasing improved aesthetics, while safeguarding from damaging oxidization. Used for both residential and commercial applications, the balustrades are composed of robust and resilient high-tensile non-weld temper-grade T6106 aluminum alloy having galvanized and pulverized finishes for optimum corrosion resistance.

Along with the face-fixed or top-fixed lightweight aluminum framework, it also houses the premium-quality A Grade safety glass that comes in distinct choices of clear, frosted, tinted, or custom printed variety. In addition, the architectural grade balustrades are available in a distinct selection of colors for correlating the frame to the surrounding property layout. Moreover, all the guardrails and pool fencing installations offer peace of mind to the clients, as they comply with the NZ Building Code protocols.



How The Glass Balustrade Designs With Frames Present Intrinsic Mileages For The Property?

Extremely Durable and Safe

Composed of sturdy toughened glass that seldom breaks under pressure, the framed design of glass balustrades are similar to the attributes of stainless steel, able to withstand massive constructional impacts. Such tempered glass is highly resilient for the guardrails, bringing in maximum protection. During any unexpected fissures, the glass fragments scattered onto the floor do not cause any abrasion, especially to the toddlers, as they do not possess any serrated edges.

Besides, considering the inherent characteristics of glass, it comes with higher longevity, and ages gradually, wherein any changes to the structure are barely noticeable at the first glance to the naked eye. In addition, with a unique lacquer provided over the glass handrails, glass ruptures can be easily averted during any unforeseen collisions. These handrails furnish heightened safety to the occupants of the premises, preventing them from falling off, specifically when set up in the exterior suspended porticos.

Fully Customizable Designs with Simpler Installation

The glass guardrails can be easily configured in distinct sizes and shapes and can be suitably cut to any dimensions, therein appropriately utilizing them for both interior and exterior installations such as staircases, terraces, or porches. Besides, such glass balustrades are pretty easy to set up, as it comes with glass panels, frames, and railings assisting in a faster time of installations. Even, when getting replaced in extreme situations, it can be conveniently dismantled in no time.

Easier To Clean and Sustain

These glass-based handrails are quite simpler to clean and maintain, as they can be rinsed off pretty quickly with any unstained cloth. Herein, the occupants can find a premier quality industrial glass cleaner and polish the glass intermittently with the clean cloth piece. Alternatively, they can also shine the guardrails with vinegar mixed with water occasionally. Such cleaning procedures should preferably be applied once a week to evade the dilemmas of annual enamel coatings. However, in conditions of extremely rigid stains, those are mostly irrecoverable; such balustrades can be promptly restored with a brand new one, thanks to its simpler and faster setup process.

Brings In More Visibility with Space Delusion

As the glass ensures a constant and unhindered flow of sunlight to the interiors of the property, it helps to heighten up the appeal of the rooms, while bringing in more visibility, clarity, and warmth to the interiors, therein stimulating the temper and self-confidence of the inhabitants.

Besides, such glass balustrades also aid in generating a smart illusion of space in the interiors, even in the most constricted zones of the property. Herein, with the transparency attribute of glass, the adjoining spaces and supporting elements of the room will appear to be enlarged than their original size.

Final Verdict

Factoring into the integral upsides of framed glass balustrades from Provista, it is needless to say that such handrails will prove to be an excellent deal for the property owners, and will be capable to fetch a higher resale value.

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