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Offer free presents to increase holiday conversions.

Using the marketing campaign of delivering free presents with each purchase during the holidays, brands can increase their income. It’s a terrific way to get into the holiday mood while also giving away free items.

It makes your customers pleased and encourages them to buy. You can provide a low-cost item that does not require additional delivery fees.


As part of their holiday campaign, Pandora is giving out a limited-edition Christmas ornament with every $150+ purchase.

Even though the ornament is free, Pandora makes it a limited edition to improve its apparent worth. As a result, the item will most likely only be accessible for a limited time.

How can giving away free gifts be a good Christmas marketing strategy?

Everyone is made to feel special when they receive free presents. They demonstrate that you care by sharing the festive mood with them.

It goes without saying that it acts as a powerful conversion accelerator, ensuring that you get as many sales as possible.

Offer holiday package deals to boost average order value (AOV)

For Christmas sales, product packages are a terrific idea. Customers love them because they provide more value than single-product solutions. They are also available at a reduced price.

Every buyer, without a doubt, looks for it.

You’ll enhance the amount of sales you obtain and the average order value by offering bundled products at discounted rates (AOV). It is crucial, particularly for e-commerce companies.

Planet of the Vapes performs an excellent job of packing their vaping pen with additional accessories at a discount.

To develop enticing bundles, use the following holiday marketing tips:

Promote on social media – You can group comparable goods together and promote them on your website and social media channels.

Choose your combos carefully — To make a better bargain, pair your best-selling products with complementing products.

Make it more engaging by naming the combinations or providing a hashtag to entice people across social media outlets.

Surprise your customers with upselling concepts that aren’t obvious.

This holiday marketing effort is a genuine winner, and it piques clients’ interest in an engaging way. Upselling concepts not only enhance revenue, but they also improve client happiness by addressing their needs and giving what they want.

Here’s an illustration to help you understand the topic.

Pura Vida Bracelets kicks off their Christmas marketing with standard offers that may be found elsewhere. A site-wide discount of 50% plus a free gift.

A complimentary bracelet is included in the deal to entice customers to shop. It’s “limited edition,” and it’s only available “while supplies last,” according to the promotional materials. Their holiday marketing effort was a triumph. Pura Vida’s 350K Black Friday/Cyber Monday orders contained a “Mystery” item in one-third of them.

Here are some suggestions for upselling concepts that will please your customers:

Free shipping – Give your customers free delivery if they spend a particular amount on their order.

Add mystery items – Adding mystery products to the checkout process adds to the suspense.

To captivate more shoppers, appeal to their emotions by promoting related products throughout the buying cycle.

Make it relevant – Allow your customers to add upsell goods to their orders throughout the checkout process.

Make your holiday campaign bargains available to late shoppers.

There could be a variety of reasons why shoppers are unable to take advantage of the discounts. Many firms prolong their Christmas marketing campaign offers in order to attract these customers.

For last-minute shoppers, the most pressing question is whether the gifts will arrive on time. Play on their fears and win them over with assured on-time delivery fast shipping.

For those who missed out on the holiday deals, Mahabis, a brand that sells cosy slippers, has the perfect email campaign. They utilised soothing language to demonstrate that they, as a company, understand what it’s like to not get what you want for the holidays. They provided a second opportunity to prolong the holiday spirit and set the bar for holiday marketing strategy.

Extending holiday campaign promotions can benefit brands indirectly in the following ways:

Build brand loyalty by giving people time to develop trust in your brand if they are unfamiliar with it.

Strengthen customer ties by focusing on late consumers who missed out on holiday bargains and developing stronger relationships with them.

Obtain new consumers — Make a relationship with new customers by offering enticing last-minute deals.

To transform purchasers into devoted customers, provide user-generated content.

It is critical to plan the messaging content for your campaign. The ideal holiday marketing approach is to create content about your products or services centred on customers who appreciate them and want to share their pleasant experiences with their friends.

UGC is considered more authentic by 85 percent of consumers than brand-sponsored content. When you evaluate the material that those customers want, you may boost your brand’s trust and improve sales.

For example, KitKat, the world-famous candy brand, encouraged its fans to get involved by inviting them to showcase how they use chocolate in their holiday dishes and crafts. The customer-centric approach with a Christmas twist resulted in great material to share as part of a holiday marketing.

Tips for incorporating user-generated content into your holiday marketing strategy:

Make holiday-themed hashtags and encourage customers to post their photos, videos, and success stories with them.

Build your content around your preferred platforms, and tailor your messaging to different customer segments and campaign stages.

Create a central landing page for all material relating to your seasonal offerings, including promotional emails, adverts, and social media posts.

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