Reasons Why you End Up With Error 404 Page Not Found

Are you also one of those who got stuck with the error 404 Page not Found while trying to access the website unavailable on the server? If the answer to your question is yes, then you don’t have to worry much. In this post, we have discussed all the reasons that might trigger the error. At times, users might encounter this error when using the wrong URL to access the website. Furthermore, users might also result in QuickBooks error 404 while checking bank feeds or updating the QuickBooks application. 


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Why am I stuck with Error 404 Page Not Found?

If you are unable to access the website due to error 404 and don’t know what’s causing the issue? You have reached the correct destination. Below we have discussed some of the factors that are responsible for the error. Have a look at them:

  • Issues with the URL of the website:-

Whether you have entered the URL manually into the address bar or directed by a link, there might be the possibility of mistakes. This is why you must cross-check the specified path of the website. It might be possible that either you or the individual who has entered the link has mistyped something wrong. Despite making spelling errors, it may be possible that the forward slashes have been left out or misplaced. You can check this issue with ‘clean’ URLs, as they contain unreadable words instead of incomprehensible abbreviations, letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Problems with the Browsing history and cache files:- 

It’s also feasible that the error page has been cached in your browser, but the website’s actual link has changed. You’ll need to delete your browser cache to try this possibility. Although clearing the cache will affect your surfing experience, some websites may take a few seconds longer to load as they re-download all previously cached data.

  • Issues with the DNS Server settings:-

If you are receiving 404 errors on numerous websites while being accessible on other networks (like mobile), it may be possible that your ISP has blocked access to that website. Otherwise, the DNS server of the website isn’t working properly. To avoid such issues, try changing your DNS servers and attempting to access the website.

Moreover, you can also try to flush your DNS instead of changing your DNS server to fix the error. Flushing clears the DNS cache, resulting in a new DNS lookup. Flushing the DNS should resolve the 404 error if the website or page in question was recently transferred to a new IP address. Hence, it helps in fixing QuickBooks error 404. 


Need Any Additional Help!!

Through this blog, we hope that you now get a better understanding of why error 404 appears. Also, it helps in preventing QuickBooks error 404 permanently. However, if still the issue persists, feel free to communicate with our experts.

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