Reimagine your home interiors with the best cupboard design in bedroom

The beauty of any bedroom is more than its design and décor. If you have a well-thought-out wardrobe it can act as an asset for you because it offers storage and also augmentation of aesthetics. Just like every Indian home is different, so is the bedroom design.

One of the most integral parts of any home is the cupboard design in bedroom. Some independent houses go for stunning walk-in closets with the latest carpentry styles while the smaller apartments usually go for built-in and freestanding storage. The universal concept remains the same. The idea is to offer storage space in the room along with adding to the beauty.

Thumb rule

The interior designers follow a general thumb rule while designing a cupboard or a kitchen cabinet. They need to figure out how much space is needed for hanging, shelving, and storing so that they can utilize the given space in a needful manner.

The design should be such that it fits comfortably while being in symmetry with the other furniture incorporated.

A statement in the room

The cupboard design in bedroom is crucial in making a style statement. The material that you choose to get your cupboard done should blend easily with the theme of the bedroom and should also add a contrast to the interiors. Since the sizes of the houses have reduced, people have started to opt for sliding shutters owing to the space-effectiveness.

Once you have decided on the exteriors of your cupboard, you can easily craft the interiors. You should also go for a stacking space in the cupboard design because it is essential for seasoned clothes.

Drawers are also important in any cupboard design because it offers space to keep items that are regularly used. There are two parts of any cupboard, one is the inner body and the second one is the shutter. You can get the overall skeleton of the cupboard made using Plywood, wood, or HDF. The essence of the wardrobe design is offered by the texture and color of the material chosen.

Material with which a cupboard can be designed

Here are some materials using which you can get your cupboard made-

  1. Plywood- You can make your wardrobe design stand out by integrating a shaded hue on the plywood. This will help you do away with any additional paneling. The well-defined compartments can be made using more than one shade.
  2. Laminates– Because of their availability, durability, and pricing, laminates are widely used in Indian homes. They come in various patterns, shades, textures, and colors. You can add a subtle grandeur and charm to your room by adding laminates. These can also fabricate a rustic look and lustrous feel to the room. In case you wish to add contrast along with the laminate, you can have a blend of metal or glass.
  3. Wood- Wood is the most common material that is used to do your cupboards. It offers a diverse range of patterns and self-designs. You can easily amplify the look of the room by adding a simple wooden cupboard. The best thing about a wooden closet is that it can match any shade palette. In case you wish to add vibrancy, you can include a latticework wardrobe in your room.
  4. Glass paneling- In case you have a compact bedroom; you can go for reflective glass or back-painted paneling. The glass can be used on shutters to create an illusion that the room size is bigger and the space appears a little extensive. You can even get the glass customized according to various shapes, colors, and sizes depending upon the theme of your room. The glass can be pasted on plywood or can be encased within an aluminum profile. If you don’t have a dresser in your bedroom, this is a perfect pick for you. Lastly, a mirror adds a chic appearance to the room.
  5. Metals- You can introduce metal into your cupboard in the form of long handles. These handles add a chic look to the overall décor of the room. These handles can be made using various alloys like iron, brass, and copper.

 To Sum It Up

Have you seen a bedroom with a cupboard? These cupboards can have different permutations and combinations in terms of compartmentalization and sizing. Some wardrobes run from the ceiling to the floor while others have a TV unit within.

Some people choose the cupboard design in bedroom that is structured around a window or door because they don’t feel like wasting an entire wall on cupboards. An ideal cupboard style is one that comes with adjustable components.

You can pick up any style and material for your wardrobe that you feel matches the concept of your room and fulfills your requirements.

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