Roadmap To Success: CCNA Certification to CCIE Certification

We prepared a roadmap to success for network engineers or networking candidates. It will help you to know all about the CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Certification Course information. We discuss the CCNA course, CCNP and CCIE courses, jobs, salary, number of opportunities, carrier growth, eligibility, and many more things which is related to our title.

About CCNA 200-301 Certification:
The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification is an entry-level or a beginning level for a network engineer. The CCNA certification is designed to validate your knowledge of networking fundamentals, topology architectures, and security fundamentals and operate, configure, and verify basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks. This CCNA course improves you’re your soft skills like time management, Teamwork, Verbal and written communication, Active listening, Problem-solving, and Teamwork.

Why Choose CCNA
Most of the IT companies in the world widely use Cisco Services and products like Routers, Switches & Gateways. Generally, 78% of IT Companies use Cisco Devices globally in their enterprise infrastructure. Cisco is an American-based multinational company which leading innovation and research company in networking technology. That’s the reason CISCO is responsible for millions of jobs in CCNA and CCNA Course Training is really in huge demand for career growth.

How much does CCNA Certified Network Engineer Earn in a Month?
A Network Engineer and Network Technician Jobs are well-known Jobs in Information Technology. With the progress of Computer Networks, this requirement has increased day by day. It simply means if the network grows, more people are needed to handle it like Network engineers and Network Technicians. Therefore CCNA is the beginning certification level for Network related jobs. Especially for the freshers and entry-level network engineers, this Cisco Certification is a key for the entrance of their Network Carrier.

There are different countries all over the world and like all the other jobs; CCNA Jobs has different salary ranges. The CCNA-certified network engineer Salary Ranges are higher in developed countries like USA, UK, and Canada according to underdeveloped countries.

Network Engineers in developed countries have a starting range of salary of 43K USD Per year to a maximum salary of 127K USD per year. A network engineer with less than 2 years of experience can earn approx 49K USD in the United States.

If we give an average CCNA certified network engineer’s Salary in India, The national average salary for a Network Engineer (CCNA) is ₹ 3,00,832 in India.

According to the market surveys, the Average Indian Salary for Packages with the designation is as follows:

Computer Networks Architect: Network Architect salary in India ranges from ₹ 10.0 Lakhs to ₹ 35.0 Lakhs.
Network Administrator: Average starting Salary for Network Administrator in India is around ₹ 2.2 Lakhs per year.
Network Analyst: The National average salary for a Network Analyst is ₹ 5,10,105 per year in India.
Network Engineer: Network Engineer salary in India ranges from ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 7.0 Lakhs
Network Engineering Manager: Network Engineering Manager’s Salary in India ranges from ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 7.0 Lakhs.
Network Security Systems Manager: Cyber Security Manager’s salary in India ranges from ₹ 13.4 Lakhs to ₹ 44.5 Lakhs.
Network Specialist: Network Specialist salary in India ranges from ₹ 4.9 Lakhs to ₹ 16.0 Lakhs.
Network Technician: Network Technician salary in India ranges from ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 8.5 Lakhs

The most effective method to begin a Career in Networking Technology:

So now you know all about the CCNA-certified person’s designation salary by reading the above paragraph. CCNA is one of the most important and well-known certifications of CISCO. This is an entry-level certification of core networking technology in IT. You can easily be done this course online as well as in offline classes. In this course you will study the fundamentals of networking, Routing technology, switching technology, routing protocols, switching protocols, LAN Setup, Enterprise setup, etc. So if you are interested to make a career in network technology. You should have to start your career with CCNA Course and certification after CCNA.

There are various 6 ideals in CCNA Course, which are as follows:

Network Fundamentals: Routing & Switching Technology.
IP Connectivity: IP Routing and its Protocols, OSPF V2
IP Services: NTP & DHCP
Security Fundamentals: VPNs, wireless security, LAN/WAN
Network Access: VLANs & Ether Channel
Network Automation and Programmability
Jobs Opportunities for CCNA certified Engineers:

CCNP Enterprise Certification
A Cisco Certified Network Professional Certification is the professional and advanced level certification of Cisco. CCNP is an advanced level of a CCNA and it helps the engineers to know more about the networking environment, CCNP Certification is more professional and teaches huge network optimization and to scale of the internet. Cisco CCNP-certified candidate is a professional networker. This certification validates your knowledge and skills, by covering the core concepts of the technology area, while also providing focused skills.

Benefits of Getting CCNP Enterprises Certification:-
It is very useful for network engineers to get a CCNP Certification and training because it is one of the most popular certification courses in IT technology. As per the global survey, CCNP Enterprise-certified candidates can earn a high salary as compared to Noncertified Professionals. CCNP Enterprises Certified Candidates are in huge demand for Network Infrastructure management and troubleshooting in Networking Companies. In simple words, CCNP Enterprise is a globally accepted certification in all network infrastructure-related companies and validates your skills for advanced technologies like Advance Routing, Advanced Switching, SDWAN technology, SDN Technology, and Network Automation Technology.

CCNP Security Certification

This is also a security professional level of certification offered by Cisco and it helps the engineers to know more about the security networking environment. This certification validates your knowledge and skills, by covering the in-depth knowledge of the security threats or unauthorized users, while also providing the focused skills on secure networks when the company’s network is shared in VAN/LAN by VPN or any other network. CCNP Security candidates also learn Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Machine Learning, Python programming language, and many more concepts in this certification.

CCNP Course Demand:
In the above paragraph, you read about CCNA Demand and now you know Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Therefore the CCNP Certified Professional Network Engineers who can easily manage the wide area networks are in high demand. A Salary for Network Engineers is a well-paid salary in the USA, Europe, Canada, India, UAE, etc. because of high demand. Therefore, we will suggest you at least after CCNA prepare yourself for CCNP Enterprises and Security Certification for better CTC or Knowledge.

CCIE Enterprise Certification
A Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCNP) is a person in the IT industry who has achieved the professional level of Cisco Career Certification. A CCIE Candidate can easily design networks in the range of Local Area Networks (LAN) Or Wide Area Networks (WAN) and also deploy, manage, build, implement and troubleshoot complex network infrastructures. This Certification is the topmost certification in Cisco. After completing CCIE certification you’re known as a certified internetworking expert in the IT industry. If you applied for a CCIE job your work will be as a senior network manager, Level 3 Engineer, etc. in an IT Company. There are the following certifications available in the CCIE which you can do with different tracks to boost your skills:

CCIE Routing & Switching
CCIE Collaboration
CCIE Data Center
CCIE Service Provider
CCIE Wireless

CCIE Enterprise Certification Exams
For the CCIE Enterprise certificate, a candidate has to pass both a Qualifying Exams and a Lab Exam. You need to pass the two main exams to earn the CCIE Enterprise the first one is Infrastructure certification: a qualifying exam that covers core enterprise infrastructure technologies and the second one is a lab exam that covers enterprise networks throughout their entire lifecycle, from design to deployment to operation and optimization.

Step 1: Take the qualifying exam

350-401 ENCOR: Enterprise Network Core Technologies

Step 2: Take the lab exam

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab Exam

CCIE Security v6.0 Certification
For Achieving the CCNP Security v6.0 certification, one has to improve your security technology skills. This is also a security expert level of certification offered by Cisco and It helps the engineers to know more about the multi-security networking environment. It is the expert level of training that starts after the CCNP Security Certification.

CCIE Security Certification Exams
There are 2 exams to earn CCIE Security Certification; you must pass two exams to earn the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification: a qualifying exam that covers implementing and operating Cisco security core technologies and the lab exam that covers security v6.0.

Eligibility Criteria for CCIE Course

For admission to the course, students must meet the CCIE eligibility requirements of the course offered by their respective Institutes and training centers. The CCIE course eligibility criteria require students to have passed their 10+2 examination with a minimum of 60% from a recognized board. The CCIE training is open to students of all age groups candidates. The CCIE course is best suitable for students with one to three years of experience in networking courses. And the famous myth is the CCIE certification is not for a non-technical person which is false. You can do CCIE certification without any technical background.

Why JNtech Networks Training for CCNA Course:
JNtech Networks is one of the leading training institutes, known for the CCNA Course, CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Security, CCIE Enterprise, and CCIE Security classes at Noida. Provide both online as well as offline training classes for the same. The trainers are having more than 9 years of experience in networking technology. They have the largest setup of the lab in Noida. If someone wants to join offline support, he/she can join the mentor-based offline classes for the best hands-on experience in the same. The real-time issues taken into consideration in the training are dedicated to real-time issues. Smart classrooms are available for the training classes. The continuous mock tests are taken weekly to check the performance of the students, who are taking classes at JNtech. Students from all over the world are studying at JNtech Networks for the CCNA Course which has trained more than 5000+ successful students worldwide in online as well as offline sessions.

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