Small corners, small positions in the house are difficult to decorate as desired. With long-term experience in design and construction of houses, Ciaocustom shares the rule of house decoration where small corners become more delicate.
1. Neatness is always a top priority:
If you want your home to be more beautiful and sophisticated, take care of it to be clean and tidy. The neatness not only helps the space to open, but also reduces dust, affecting health. To make your home decor more subtle, you should make sure your furniture quantity is always right and not redundant. Items that are too old should not be kept, only buy really necessary, high-quality items.
2. Multi-purpose house furniture
Currently, there are many smart home interior designs, integrating many functions so that people can choose for their home. Before deciding to process, shop for home decoration furniture. Pay attention to their size, placement and use. Smart furniture with high applicability and space saving will be useful for small houses.
3. Do not arrange many furniture close to the wall:
We think that furniture is placed close to the wall, leaving the central space as spacious as possible. But it is really not suitable for small places, small corners in the house. That will only make the room feel surrounded by surroundings with only a small amount of space in between.
4. Use furniture for small spaces:
The small corners have beautiful interior models to decorate the house. Such as folding chairs, wall shelves, folding tables… Everyone should make use of the available surface of the window sill. Or arrange the interior vertically of the house to create more ventilation.
5. Make the most of the empty walls of your home
If the walls of your house are currently just blank walls. Then you can take advantage of it to decorate your interior to become more eye-catching. You can hang family photos, beautiful color canvas paintings. For canvas paintings, there are many types for you to choose from, because canvas paintings are now very diverse in design and price. You can refer to some canvas paintings at In addition, I can also list some pictures for your reference such as:
– Jesus and lion picture
– Warrior lion bible verse
– Half Jesus half lion
– God says you are wall art
– Fruits the spirit wall art
– Jesus and lion canvas

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