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On Wednesday morning, demonstrator Roze Ravensbergen fried eggs, bacon and toast on a hotplate on a folding picnic table. She handed out food to anyone who asked for it, creating a community vibe, while standing beside stacks of supplies of water, food and clothes. She said she planned to stay “as long as it takes” for the truckers’ demands to be met.
Ravensbergen, travelled with her husband and their three children from the Niagara Peninsula 500km (310 miles) away to support her brother-in-law whose truck has been parked on Wellington Street since January 28. Some family members sleep in the truck, she said, while she and the three children spend nights at a motel.,52820279.html

Among the protesters, there is a convivial party atmosphere, but for many Ottawa residents, resentment has been mounting.

Vehicles have occupied a main shopping thoroughfare, Rideau Street, a five-minute walk from Wellington Street and the Parliament of Canada. The Rideau Centre, a city centre shopping mall closed its doors on January 29 after maskless protesters flooded the building on the first day of the protest. It has not reopened and most of the businesses along the street are now closed as well.

“Our goal is pretty simple: remove all lockdowns and mandatory vaccination and bring the freedoms to this country. What we didn’t realise was how huge the support would be” said Jonker.

Trucker Leo Schmidt told Al Jazeera he was not sure what to expect when he drove with the convoy from Steinbach, Alberta to Ottawa, more than 3,000 kilometres (1,864 miles).

The convoy was organised by known far-right figures, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network has reported in detail. Confederate flags and at least one swastika were spotted during the first weekend of protests, drawing widespread condemnation from politicians and other observers.

“The swastika, that’s a problem. We think that was a set-up,” Schmidt said, without offering any evidence to back up the claim, adding organisers made sure it was removed. “There are people with a lot of agendas here, other political movers, I’m just a peon.”

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