Soft Banarsi Silk Saree – Tradition and Charm

Indian look is never complete without a saree and if it is Banarsi saree. then it is cherry on the top of the cake.  Indian women love to wear saree and on different occasions. When it is a talk of some major occasions like wedding how can we forget the charm of Banarsi saree at all? Soft Banarsi Silk Saree is the best when it comes to weddings, festivals or family functions. They are full of grace and charm that makes Indian women look like a goddess.  Saree can enhance the beauty of the wearer and it goes the positive feeling to the soul. If you wear a Banarsi saree it is a fact that you are going to turn many heads around.

Variety of silk saree

When it comes to Indian varieties of saree there is a wide range of saree that are beautiful, ambient, and beautiful and perfect for every occasion. Banarsi is popular because it has gold and silver threads weaved in the borders and this is also called zari work. There are intricate patterns and comes with the combination of many colors and hues. Banarsi saree are so beautiful and mesmerizing that even foreigners gets attracted to them. In India the majority of the wardrobes have at least one Banarsi saree in them. Banarsi saree is also so special because they are saved for the auspicious and memorable ceremonies.

Different varieties of Banarasi Sarees

You will get amazed about how different types of Banarsi saree are and how much variety of beautiful drapes and paloo you can have in your wardrobe. Here are some of them

  • Pure silk is made with authentic gold and silver and is made of satin fabric. When you feel it by hand, you get the lustrous and soft feeling
  • Semi silk has half fine silk appearance, but the charm remains the same. It is affordable and must to have.
  • Bamboo silk saree it can be considered as a contemporary version. It is woven with the combination of bamboo silk and pure silk and extra resham is added to it.
  • Linen silk is lightweight saree with great texture  and excellent to be worn on hot summer days
  • Tissue silk has a combination of tissues and pure silk

There are many other varieties such as Katan Banarasi Saree, organza, linen and tussar silk saree. It is time that you order one from Aevum where you will not only get all the Banarsi saree varieties, but pretty discounts and free shipping like deals. Visit Aevum and order your favorite saree and let it deliver to your doorstep.

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