Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate Your Website to WordPress Website

In the technological era, there are many people who love to migrate their WordPress sites. So are you one of those and want to move to a new host or server? Then we are here to guide you.

It is not easy to move a website to a new host. For this, you may have to face a lot of stress. So many people avoid it after they need it. We are there to help those people. The top WordPress migration service centers always suggest you go for a step-by-step guide.

Right here we will discuss a Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate Your Website to WordPress Website that can help you a lot.

There are many reasons why people want to move to a new host. These are the problems with their current provider as well as having just had enough. But if they do not get a good host that can be a problem and it may damage your site.

So for this, they may have to pay more. So always try to hire the top WordPress migration service provider. Or this article will also help you too. So let us show you how to migrate your website.

1st Step: Backup for Your Website Files or FTP-Transfer:

The first and foremost step when you want to migrate your site is to back up for it. It is a part of your general WordPress security. When you want to do any major changes it can be your good practice. But it is a necessity to move your WordPress installation because there is a lot of data being moved.

So maybe you are thinking now about how to do backup for your site. It is not too difficult. You can go for many plugins. When you use the backup plugins then you can easily install and use the built-in settings. It can help you manage files as well as get back up.

As a plug-in, you can use WPvivid. It is one of the best plugins. Through this, you can get many powerful backup options. These options are scheduling, restore points, backup themes, and plugins, remote storage compatibility, limit files, filtering large files, backup splitting, multisite support, etc.

Alternatively, you may take a greater guide approach. To come up with a short summary, guide backups require a report switch tool (FTP) so that it will get admission to your internet site documents. Two famous FTP applications are FileZilla (PC) and Transmit (Mac). After putting in you’ll want to apply SFTP credential to hook up with your internet site’s server.

Once you’ve connected, pick and download all documents below your internet site’s directory. This consists of the .htaccess report which is set to be hidden. Consult your FTP program’s assist report to have it show hidden documents in case you are not able to peer through this report.

It always depends on the range of media uploads. Through this you can get for your site, this will take a little time. While this download is underway we will start step and make a duplicate of your database.

2nd step: Try to do exporting your WordPress Database:

According to the top WordPress migration service, it is an important step to do exporting your WordPress Database when you want to migrate your system. It is also a simple process. For this, you have to go through some steps.

Firstly go and Login into your web server account. Then go for the phpMyAdmin application and open it. Then choose the database. Always select the one which contains your WordPress installation. After selecting click the Export tab that is on the navigation menu. A quick export default setting and SQL layout for export are enough for all we need.

Then you have to select the Go button. After that, the process of the database will begin and you can download the file to your local computer. When you export the database you can easily transfer your FTP files. When you do this, you can go to the next step.

3rd Step: Try to create the Database for WordPress on Your New Host Server:

Before we will start the migration to the brand new internet host, we want to create a surrounding for a WordPress installation. To try this you ought to create a database which you may import your SQL facts into.

Login to your new internet host with the consumer credentials they have provided you and connect with the cPanel software. For our manual, we can use the MySQL Databases utility. If your internet host doesn’t have that utility strolling you then definitely must touch their help crew to find out their technique for making new databases.

These steps are not too complicated. For creating a database you have to:

Open MySQL Database – create a new database (be sure it has an appropriate name) – make a new MySQL user (do not forget to give the password) – attach the user account to the new account – grant it All Privileges.

4th step: Edit your wp-config.php File:

After you have created the database of your WordPress you need to go for the editing of your wp-config.php File. When you hire the top WordPress migration service provider you can get help in editing your wp-config.php File.

For this, you have to go browse for the folder on your local computer. You can download your website files from there. There you can get a file which is wp-config.php. It can help you to control the access between your database and WordPress. Always remember that it is too crucial to make a copy of that folder. Then you have to store that folder on your PC. It is too crucial to restore it.

After this, you have to open your actual file and also open the best text editor. Then change the Database Name, Database Username, and the Database User Password.

5th step: Importing Your WordPress Database:

Now it is time to Import Your WordPress Database. For importing you have to launch your phpMyAdmin from the cPanel software. Do it on your new server. Then click on your new database. You can get the list on the left-hand sidebar. Then you can see the Import tab on the navigation menu. Click on it.

Then you can see the Import section in this file click on it. Go for the file button and choose the old SQL file. After that, you have to un-tick your Import checkbox and there you can see the Go button. Click on it.

When the process is successful you will get a message.

6th step: Upload  Files and define your New Domain:

Then it is time to upload the file on your PC. With the faraway listing decided on you could add your internet site documents that ought to now consist of the up-to-date model of wp-config.php. As with the sooner download, this manner can take a little time. After that, you can define your new domain.


Many people want to migrate their WordPress. So here we have discussed the Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate Your Website to WordPress Website. You can go for it and in this case, you can also go for the top WordPress migration service.

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