Steps to Get an HGV Licence


HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles driving) is also known as commercial driving as it is used to transport various goods and services from one place to another. HGV driving is not a single aspect, it includes various categories of licences according to the different types of vehicles, their weights, trailers, and the type of load they are carrying. Each licence type has its importance and driving category. You will get to know in detail about the steps and the other needful aspects in terms of getting the HGV licence. Different licence types allow you to drive different types of vehicles that have different procedures and other aspects. To get the HGV licence for any category you need to follow authorised criteria to have a safe and legal driving experience. You will also come to know about how to get a HGV licence? in detail.

Categories of HGV licence

There are various categories of HGV licences that are available according to different requirements and vehicle types. Some of the HGV licence categories are:

  • Category C licence: This is the type of licence that allows you to drive the lorries weighing from 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes. To get a category C licence you need to have a provisional car licence. 
  • HGV C+E licence: This is also known as the HGV class 1 licence. A person should have an HGV Category C licence to get the HGV C+E Licence. 
  • Minibus licence (D1): This is the licence to drive a minibus that has a seating of almost 9 passengers.
  • D1+E licence: D1 + E licence is the abbreviation of D1 licence as this allows you to drive the minibus with 9 to 16 passengers.
  • Licence C1: This is the licence type that allows you to drive the vehicles with 3500 kg to 7500 kg MAM (Maximum authorised Mass).
  • C1+E licence: This is the licence type that is the abbreviation of the C1 licence. This licence type allows you to drive the vehicles with 7500 kg MAM or can be even more than that.

How to get a HGV licence?

  1. A person should be 18 years old or above to apply for the HGV licence.
  2. You should have a provisional car licence to apply for any initial HGV licence.
  3. After applying and fulfilling all the criteria a person should go for HGV driver training.
  4. Once the HGV driver training is done, a person should go for the HGV driving test, and clear the driving test. And you will get your licence in 10-15 working days.


On the whole, the HGV licence has various categories. Each category has major and minor differences depending on the various factors that can be the types of vehicles, the loads that are to be carried out in the vehicles, and so on. Apart from the categories to get an HGV licence a person needs to undergo various steps to accomplish the licence requirements. These can be based on qualifying criteria or maybe on the training and the HGV driving test part which are equally important to clarify if you wish to get an HGV licence. 

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