Stylish types and purposes of Pamphlets

A pamphlet is a small, unbound booklet that is used to advertise some thing or give information about an item. They provide information and are not used for sale purpose. They play an important role in marketing though they do not promote sale. A pamphlet is like a brochure or flyer and give essential information anything. Pamphlets are available in many shapes and sizes according to their nature. Pamphlets are used for non-commercial promotion purposes and they only provide information to the readers.

There are four standard pamphlet sizes: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11 x 25.5.

Double sided flyer/2 Panels (Dimension &Lengthwise)

It is a double sided pamphlet. It is very simple but looks attractive. It can be made with different colors and fonts to get stylish output. It is generally used in

Double-sided pamphlets give detail information, so they are ideally used for following purpose.

  • Business information
  • Educational details 
  • Promotional purposes
  • Travel guide


Pamphlets are mostly used with the following purposes. Some of them are stated below.


There are 3 main types of pamphlets. 

Civic pamphlets

They give information about general public issues like general health issues, election updates etc.

 Cultural pamphlets

They provide essential information about cultural events.

Educational pamphlets

 Educational pamphlets are used for teaching and learning activities.

     Purposes of Pamphlets

  • Promoting a sale
  • Presentation of a product
  • Offering details about an organization or a new company.
  • Advertising some important event or workshop
  • Information on some public alert topic
  • Making a demo tutorial about some thing

Pamphlets are important for any business or work. They give essential information about any crucial thing and they can be taken as an ideal strategy of marketing. It is ideal for providing essential information on teaching, business and cultural issues and can have a positive effect in marketing.


Most Common Fold Types of Pamphlets

Bi-fold brochure (4 panels)

More information is given on a bi-fold pamphlet which is a sheet folded into half form and more space is available to write on it. It’s a very versatile and ideal for common presentations. Its paper size ranges from small to big pages.

Tri-fold brochure (6 panels)

Tri-fold brochures are mostly used in print but they are not easy to design. They divide the sheet of paper into three folds. Trifold pamphlet looks a slim brochure which is easy to carry around. Trifold brochure is made of six equal panels and best for presenting your ideas.  


Square pamphlets are custom made and are used for some special purpose. They are a good option if you need to stand out your brand. These pamphlets give a premium look.


This is a popular type of pamphlet containing six equal panels which are folded like a squeeze box. This layout is ideal for showing big images in a fine way. 


A gatefold pamphlet is a sheet of paper with a center panel as wide as the side panels. It has a stylish opening style and it is ideal when you want to highlight your message or product through pamphlets. 


A roll-fold pamphlet has four panels rolling into each other. It makes a perfect fold pamphlet which is ideal for providing information as in case of travel guide pamphlets. Corporate bi fold pamphlet is a multi-purpose brochure. It is mostly used to provide business information. It is available in A4 & letter sizes with bi-fold type. It has compatible with photo shop.

Tabloid Size (11 x 17 in)

Tabloid is having the same size as that of A3. It is not commonly not used but it has a strong visual attraction. It is available in many fold sizes as per requirement.


Types of Pamphlets on Basis of Uses

There are many types of pamphlets on basis of uses. Some are as below.

  1. Travel Agency Trifold Pamphlet Template(PSD)

This trifold pamphlet is ideal for displaying beautiful landscapes and imagery. It looks amazing to see natural beauty on pamphlets. It is available in A4 & Letter sizes with photo shop compatibility. It is best for travel agency information.

  1. Business Marketing 4-Fold Pamphlet (PSD)

4-fold pamphlet is a four panel brochure and is larger in size. It is available in DL & legal sizes with great options of colors to add beauty. It is best for providing business information. It can be in roll fold style.

  1. Square Gate Fold Pamphlet (PSD)

Square gatefold pamphlet is ideal if you need to provide important information. It is compatible with photo shop with common size of 8×8 inches. It looks like gatefold which is an attractive style.

Standard US Pamphlet Printing Sizes in inches

US Letter Size (8.5 x 11 in)

A Letter brochure size is just the same as A4 size paper it is —it is slightly large and short. This is basically half the size of a Tabloid paper size. It is best for images.

US Legal Size (8.5 x 14 in)

Legal size is a bit larger than letter size so it is used for larger pamphlets where more space is needed to display information. It is available in any fold size as per demand.

US Half Letter Size (8.5 x 5.5 in)

It is also called memo. It is the smallest standard size. If you want to provide just important information without detail, it is best. It is quite economical too.

All these sizes and folds of pamphlets tell about their variety. These pamphlets aware public generally and are very important for any company. They are an important medium of spreading information.

Conclusive Touch


Role of pamphlet is very important in making image of a brand or company. Pamphlets give information about important topics and can lead to public awareness.

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