Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Use social media to promote holiday giveaways.

Giveaways are a low-cost approach to engage your fans, gain new followers, and build excitement for an impending event. Typically, inviting followers to comment, share, like, and participate in your contest is a wonderful method to increase engagement.

Giveaways have long been used by brands to stimulate interest in and sales of their products or services. You can simply get your target audience enthusiastic about the forthcoming holidays and your brand by using giveaways and promotional contests.

You can easily range from a Twitter hashtag contest to a photo caption contest on your Facebook page, hosting a holiday quiz, or making a wish contest, depending on the size of your team and budget.

During the holiday season, the Canadian airline set out on an ambitious effort to perform 12,000 mini-miracles. During the Christmas season, the entire crew contributed to the efforts to offer joy to over 13,000 people. With this holiday marketing effort, WestJet truly celebrated the spirit of giving.

Make your mobile marketing plan more effective.

Mobile phones accounted for over 61 percent of all web traffic to retail websites.

It means that the majority of shoppers prefer to browse products and place orders while on the go. You can’t afford to ignore the power of mobile phones and should instead concentrate on a razor-sharp mobile marketing approach for the Christmas season.

During the holiday season, mobile sales totaled over $35 billion. Optimizing your mobile apps for the holidays can help you increase sales and set a good example for your customers.

Walmart, for example, updated their mobile SEO approach and rewarded consumers who downloaded the app a sneak peek at impending discounts.

Similarly, Amazon offered mobile-only bargains that were not available on the website, as well as personalised incentives via push alerts to its app users. It increased user engagement and drove traffic to their mobile app.

The following are some of the best mobile marketing strategies:

To achieve the best possible customer experience on your mobile channels, use A/B testing.

Consider your onsite mobile experience as you optimise your messaging. Filling out forms on a mobile device, for example, might be time consuming. Expanding mobile CTAs can improve your onsite user experience.

Use video marketing to promote your holiday sales.

Why should you use video in your holiday promotions?

Because there’s no better way to get a festive message across than through video. You may use video marketing to promote your entire business, not just your products.

Video ads have been demonstrated to improve average order value, with 64% of buyers saying that watching a marketing video on Facebook influenced their purchasing decision.

Incorporate holiday-themed messaging into your video promotions. QuickFrame Video Intelligence’s social video advertising with holiday messaging generated a 58 percent greater engagement rate throughout the holiday season than those without.

Get creative with video to spread the holiday spirit throughout your holiday marketing initiatives, whether it’s a festive webinar invite video sent via email, a video added to your customer page to wish all of your customers merry cheer, or a hilarious video shared on social media.

Here are some holiday video marketing suggestions:

Create a holiday theme — You may quickly create a Christmas holiday theme by employing music (with bells), holiday-style text treatments, motion graphics, and so on.

Personalize your CTA — Create festive CTAs for various audiences and occasions. Consider adding greater urgency to your pitch as the holiday gift-giving season approaches.

Shoot in high-quality videos — The higher the resolution, the easier it is to extract stills from the video. If you have the budget, engage a photographer to capture stills separately during your video shot.

As a marketing strategy, collaborate with your influencers.

For many firms, collaborating with influencers is the most effective holiday marketing tactic. Influencer marketing accounts for more than half of a company’s marketing spending in 17% of cases.

It creates awareness around your company because influencers frequently write about upcoming holiday shopping events on their social media networks.

“You can also employ influencers to generate sponsored content that looks non-promotional and focuses on a specific holiday.” You might request that they demonstrate your products in action over the holiday season. This will persuade their fans to try out your stuff.” Shane Barker is a writer and a musician.

Armani Beauty collaborates with Instagram and Facebook influencers to give away their scents. These social influencers not only tagged @armanibeauty, but they also told their followers where they could find a product.

What are the benefits of partnering with influencers in your holiday marketing strategy?

Influencer-based holiday marketing strategies help you gain more visibility by targeting niche audiences who are more likely to convert.

During the holidays, these efforts also enhance ad possibilities and space for brands.

This marketing plan will assist you in reaching new audiences and raising brand awareness.

Influencers can help you increase website traffic, sales, and return on investment (ROI) over the Christmas season.

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