Synthetic Sexual Stimulation versus All-Natural Alternatives

Natural products for sexual stimulation have been in use for many thousands of years.


Aphrodisiac mandrakes were mentioned in Genesis 30, verses 14-17 in the Bible.


Today we have Cenforce 100 which is a synthetically manufactured pill for males suffering from Erectile dysfunction.


How Safe Is Viagra?

The side effects of Viagra could include headaches, as well as stomach upsets.


Men must stay clear of taking nitro glycerides when taking Viagra.


The men should be cautious about any activity that can dilate blood vessels, for example, being in the sun.


Alcohol consumption that is excessive when taking Viagra could cause a person to fall asleep.


How Is Viagra Affecting Relationships?

Viagra can have a negative influence on relationships.


This can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings between couples.


One typical example: Viagra helps a man achieve an erection through more blood flow to organ of sex.


But, Viagra does not increase sexual desire in men.


Even if a man is able to have an erection with however, a man who has zero or no sexual desire because of low testosterone levels will remain without sexual desire.


In the end regardless of whether a man has a normal level in testosterone “Viagra is not able to immediately give men an erection” claims Abraham Morgentaler, MD, associate clinical professor of Urology in Harvard Medical School and author of The Viagra Myth.


“You need to be in a sexually-related situation and you must be in a state of mind and desire to allow the drug to be effective.”


What about Women Who Are Unable To Enjoy the Sexual Experience?

And if that’s not complicated enough, after menopause, a woman may not be healthy enough to welcome her partner’s newly-discovered synthetically-induced sexual prowess.


An All-Natural Alternative to Viagra

The best solution is one that doesn’t just create an erection, but which also increases sensitivity and stimulates sexual arousal in females and males.


Through the combination of a specific mixture of wild-crafted and organic essential oils of the natural world, a non-toxic stimulant can boost blood flow to the tissues of the sexual regions without causing irritation.


If used regularly it can help regulate the hormones of both genders.


Many factors could influence the health of a woman’s sexuality and her enjoyment.


Everything includes age, diet, life style to hormonal levels, or the prescription of medication.


Like all products the response will vary from person to person, with some being more responsive than others.


If you are uncertain regarding whether a particular product is suitable for you, speak to your physician.


What’s the Choice?

It is up to scientists to create a new medicine.


We can also take advantage of a completely natural solution.




It’s really about the use of synthetic stimulants versus natural alternatives.


Your choice is yours.

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