Tasks To Revitalize A Sluggish Business

Because running a business takes so much planning and organisation, it’s easy to burn out or focus on the wrong activities, resulting in stagnant growth. Here are seven things you can do right now to revive your small business if it’s on the verge of failing.

Re-evaluate your business and marketing strategy.

When you stray from the route or take on too many jobs, things might go wrong in business. Reviewing your business and marketing strategy might help you refocus and remember to stick to the basics. Alternatively, you may find that your business and marketing strategy has to be adjusted.

Examine your statistics to see what is working, what isn’t, and/or what has changed.

A successful business relies heavily on tracking. You won’t know what’s going on in your company if you don’t have it. Set up Google Analytics or check your website metrics through your web host. These tools provide information on the most popular pages, how visitors arrived at your site, and more. You can get demographic data (gender and age) as well as their interests using Google Analytics.

Check your social media engagement and email list statistics as well (or what gets the most opens or clicks). Track the success of off-line promotions by asking people where they heard about you or having a code on each promo type and/or place that prospects share that tells you how they heard about you.

Use your data to give what your market wants or needs, focusing on what works and discarding or tweaking what doesn’t.

Make Over Your Website

Visitors can become blind to alternative possibilities on your site, even if you’re posting and providing new content on a regular basis. While you don’t want to make a major change that causes visitors to become confused, making a few minor changes on a regular basis will assist visitors stay interested.

Your Social Media Profiles Need a Makeover

Social media profiles, like your website, can become monotonous for your fans. Change your profile images every now and then (but keep them suitable and professional). Make changes to your bio and other text to keep it fresh and interesting.

Make a freebie and distribute it widely.

People enjoy receiving free gifts. They’ll not only obtain it for themselves, but they’ll also tell others about it. Ideally, you should link your freebie to your email list so that users must sign up to receive it. However, you are not required to do so at all times. If you don’t require an email address, you might obtain more distribution and downloads (for online freebies).

Promote your freebie on your website, social media, email list, and other places once you have it.

Re-establish contact with your network

One of the most effective strategies to resurrect a dormant business is to network. Even if your network members don’t require your product or services right now, they may know someone who does. Alternatively, they may be prepared to share your data with their contacts.

Don’t beg for leads or sound needy when communicating with your network. Instead, strike up a discussion or let them know you’re available to assist. The most effective networking concentrates on the needs of others rather than your own.

Schedule new posts and reschedule old ones with the help of social media automation tools.

Social media is useful for informing and interacting with your target audience, but it takes time. It saves time to use apps like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule a single post that goes out to all of your social media accounts.

Another difficulty is that by producing so much content, the old content is pushed aside in favour of the new, even if the old content is still valuable. Install a plugin that will republish previous content to your social media accounts if your site is built on WordPress. If you don’t want to use WordPress, you can use a social media platform like Hootsuite to schedule old content reposts.

Reconnect with former clients, customers, and leads.

Converting a previous client or customer into a new sale is easier and less expensive than acquiring a new one. There are a slew of options for reuniting with former clientele. The biggest bang for your cash is a handwritten note. You can also give them a call to see how they’re doing and if they have any queries regarding the product or service they purchased. You can do the same with leads who have expressed interest but have not yet purchased.

Finally, ask for recommendations. Referrals are the easiest and cheapest way to get new business, second only to repeat clients.

Organize a Fireside Sale

People enjoy freebies as much as they enjoy deals. A fireside sale can be done in a variety of ways. One option is to make your items or services available for purchase. Another alternative is to bundle products and services and sell them as a package deal. Seek out joint venture prospects with a company that would be prepared to advertise your sale to their network in exchange for referral pay, such as through an affiliate programme, to generate huge sales.

Organize a blog/podcast tour.

Marketing is the key to corporate success. Writing for other websites or performing interviews on podcasts is a simple and inexpensive approach to demonstrate your expertise and get in front of your target demographic. Knowing who your target demographic is and what blogs and podcasts they appreciate is the first step. Make a list of blogs and podcasts and send a pitch to their owners, editors, or producers. Tell them who you are, what you have in store for them, and why you think you’d be a good fit for the site or show. If you own a virtual assistant firm, for example, you can contact entrepreneur-focused blogs and podcasts and suggest an article or show about how entrepreneurs can save time and money by outsourcing.

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