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Host Laura Rutledge takes the helm of this weekday show featuring the likes of Marcus Spears, Dan Orlovsky, Keyshawn Johnson, Mina Kimes, and Adam Schefter. The “NFL Live” crew entertains fans while offering all the latest news ananalysis from across the Great World, said a family of five has to split into three tables. And the two-person rule becomes
very difficult to enforce when parents run over to help their children who are eating ice cream at another table, she added.
“It doesn’t make sense when they came into the mall together but had to split up when they sit down.
For us, the lack of an age limit is also important,” she said.
At Wednesday’s press conference, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong said the Restaurant Association of
Singapore had asked for members of the same household to be allowed to sit together at a table of five.
For now, we think it’s still too risky to make such a move because of the pressure on the healthcare system,”
said Mr Wong, noting that he understands the association’s stance.
“But it is indeed something we are looking into.”
Mr Low said that just knowing the number of patients in the intensive care units of hospitals
does not make any sense to him unless he also knows the target figure when rules can be relaxed.
Mr Christopher Millar, culinary director of the 1 Group that operates restaurants like the fine
-dining One Stellar at Raffles Place, notes that the restrictions have an impact on the food supply
chain that is invisible to the public.
“It takes time to get supplies into Singapore. So with all the restaurants hesitating with their
orders, it weakens the chain. When things open up, everything will become more expensive because
the supplies won’t be there,” he said.
Chef Ivan Yeo of The 1925 Brewing Co would like to see more communication. “When we know the
Government’s decision only four days before it happens, we can’t make any decisions,” he said.

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