The 3 most common insurance combinations

In most Spanish households, there is more than one contracted insurance. The most common combinations vary depending on the Autonomous Community. Grouping them is a formula to save and control family spending.

The one with the car and the one with the house. The combination of car insurance and multi-risk home insurance is the one that triumphs in all Spanish households, according to the Family Budget Survey prepared annually by the INE and collected by Unespa in its Annual Report.

This combination is followed by the one that adds to the protection of the vehicle and the main home, a death policy. As the third most common combination of second mortgage insurance, we find a mix that includes auto, death, home (both first and second homes), health, civil liability, travel assistance, and other insurance.

However, the preference for these combinations of insurance varies according to the Autonomous Community, as we can see in this graph prepared by Somos Seguros.

Combination 1: car insurance and multi-risk home insurance

Aragonese, Cantabrian, Castilian-Leonese, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Rioja, Navarrese and Basque are the most likely to insure a house and a car. It is the most common insurance combination in the north and northeast of Spain.

Combination 2: car, home, and death

 Home and car protection, insurance that not only takes care of the paperwork in the event of the death of the contract holder but also that supports the family in these painful moments.

Combination 3: auto, home, funeral, health, civil liability, travel assistance, and others

The mixture of several insurances, among which car, home, death, health, civil liability, and travel assistance stand out, represents the third most widespread modality in Spain, but in communities such as the Canary Islands, Extremadura, Madrid, and the autonomous city of Ceuta, it is the combination of insurance that occurs most frequently.

Group insurance, a formula to save and control spending

Except in the Balearic Islands and the autonomous city of Melilla, where the main trend is to ensure only the car, in the rest of the Spanish communities, it is usual to have more than one insurance policy in each household. The expense that families face to pay their policies is around 4.5% of the family budget on average.

In order to respond to this increasingly widespread trend of protecting the diversity of material assets and vital projects, and at the same time helping families to contain spending, at Seguros RGA and the Caja Rural Group, we have sought a formula that allows grouping all the insurance and divide your payment into 12 monthly installments. It is a way to save without giving up the protection of what matters most to families.

As the data handled by the INE shows, most families are committed to protecting more than one asset, with insurance combinations that vary depending on the Autonomous Community. Putting them all under the same roof, in addition to significant savings, contributes to peace of mind: that of being able to carry out all the procedures with the same entity.

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