The 3 most important advantages of being insured

If you are one of the people who are still not clear about the reasons for buying insurance and how to get the most out of it, this article is for you. 

One of the most common problems with insurance is that, on many occasions, people do not see their investment in them materialize. That is, they allocate their money to the purchase of a policy, but perceive that they do not immediately receive a tangible benefit in return. They only see it until the moment something unexpected happens and they need to use it. To this is also added that a few others do not have a notion of the importance of being insured because they believe that they will never need it. After all, an unfortunate event will never happen to them, and they will lose their money.

For these and other reasons, some decide not to purchase insurance, 

unaware of all the advantages it gives to those who do.

 And perhaps you are in that group of people who still doubt whether it is good or not to have one.

The first thing is that you understand that, beyond taking a weight off your shoulders and providing you with financial support in difficult situations or adverse times, today insurance can offer you hundreds of benefits for your physical and mental health, since some have access to learning platforms, advice on specialized topics and agreements with health companies, among others.

So that you understand why it is essential to have insurance and learn a little more about how you can take advantage of it when you have it, we list the greatest advantages that you will have when purchasing a policy. Discover them!

It is a very valuable saving, not an expense.

One of the first reasons why you should buy insurance is because it allows you to save little by little. If you allocate a low amount (for example, 19,000 pesos) every month to pay your policy, tomorrow will be your lifeline to cover unforeseen expenses.

Think of it this way. If one day your car breaks down, an appliance causes a short circuit in your kitchen, there is a flood in your house or you suffer from a disability, the expenses that could be presented to you would be extremely high and, most likely, you will not be prepared. to take them on. Or yes, but doing improvised juggling to achieve it. If instead, you have insurance, in those cases you could even pay nothing for the mishap, which would be a great relief for you.

So, even if you don’t notice it today, in the future you can save a good amount of money and be calm in the face of any contingency. And most importantly, with the savings that insurance represents, you can ensure that your family continues to have a good quality of life if something happens to you and you are no longer present. Remember that insurance insures your property, gives you financial support in case of disability, among others, but it does not guarantee that unexpected events will occur.

You can take full advantage of the additional services it offers you.

For you to see a more tangible benefit when buying insurance, insurers have opted in recent years for the creation of ecosystems. What does it consist of? They are interconnected services that offer an integrated experience and are made available to policyholders.

Let’s take an example. You acquire life insurance, for which you pay a certain amount month by month. When you buy it, you are entitled not only to the coverage and assistance specified in said policy, you also have access to digital courses and fitness platforms, which will help you stay competitive in the market and good physical condition. 

Thanks to these services, you have the opportunity to permanently benefit from your policy, without waiting for something unexpected to happen to see the fruit of your investment. The insurances that offer you this will be more attractive to you, by offering you services that are integrated into your daily activities and give you well-being at all times. In addition, they will undoubtedly be one step ahead of others in the industry, 

You acquire them easily and without complications.

Another of the advantages that you have today when purchasing insurance is the comfort that buying it represents. Before you needed to hire a lawyer to understand and explain what the insurance you were going to purchase consisted of. And to this, it was added that you had to fill out an abysmal amount of paperwork in a physical office. This way of processing insurance is a thing of the past. Today the story is different.

You can purchase insurance from the comfort of your home through digital platforms in just a few steps, without needing the help of an external intermediary to support you in the process and with the peace of mind that the information you are being exposed to is clear and specific. without fearing the “small print”. This makes insurance much more affordable and the buying process enjoyable.


To conclude, if you are going to buy insurance, you must understand why you are buying it, how much is the insured value of your policy and, above all, what benefits it gives you for your well-being and growth beyond traditional coverage and assistance. Also, do not forget that insurance insures what can be insured, but it does not ensure that something unforeseen will not happen.

Undoubtedly, insurance has been radically transformed in recent years, going from being complex and unreliable products to being simple, transparent, and easily accessible, which can greatly benefit you and provide you with a different and atypical experience in the category. 

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