The 5 Most Common Problems for Which you Require Car Repair Services

  • Owning a car is not just about buying the car and getting it home from the showroom. A car needs solid maintenance in order to keep running and if one does not take good care of their car, there might be problems in the long term which can be quite expensive on the pocket. So here we shall discuss some of the most common car repairs and how you can avoid a rather heavy bill if you can identify the problem prior to going for your Car Repair Services.
  • Clutch: While the clutch of the car should not get affected in the early years of the car, it does depend on the driving quality and if it does need a change, it can be an expensive affair. If it is becoming difficult to change the gear of the car, then you can probably zero down the source of the problem to be a faulty clutch and you should be taking your car to have it checked in time
  •  Timing Belt: Changing the timing belt of your car is not exactly a very cost effective solution but it’s something that one shouldn’t ignore because if you keep running your car with a faulty timing belt, it can affect your whole engine in the long run and which can cost you quite a lot. So do ask your mechanic about the condition of your timing belt, whenever your car goes in for a periodic maintenance.
  • Alternator: If and when your alternator goes dead, all your car’s electrical system will also fail because they all are dependent on the alternator for efficient functioning. Most alternators shall last anywhere between 50000 kms to 70000 kms but one should always check up with their mechanic with respect to the same.
  • Brakes: Brake pad and brake disc replacements are fairly inexpensive repairs and are required every 10k-15k kms for most cars. If you can hear some squeaky sounds while braking or it is taking longer for your car to slow down, you should definitely get your brakes checked with your car repair shop.
  • Battery: Most car batteries don’t malfunction easily but cars that have been driver for more than 3-4 years or more, should definitely get their batteries checked and if needed then a new battery can be installed in the car.

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