The most functional reasons to invest in Prestashop Gift Card Module

Gift cards are very famous in the present time. With the pandemic floating our lives, individuals have gone computerized. The gifting system has likewise changed. Presently, clients give gift cards as opposed to searching for something not helpful. If you haven’t previously put resources into them, you ought to get the Prestashop gift card module immediately. In truth, Prestashop gift card manager is a valuable yet non-prominent way to deal with extending your customer base. What do you honestly think?

Prestashop send gift card addon by Knowband is a phenomenal decision for you. Moreover, it empowers you to design and sell gift cards. Show them on your site too. Truly, Prestashop addon permits you to create as many gift cards as you like. The administrator has unlimited oversight over the Prestashop gift module. Therefore, if you need to help your deals and benefits, putting resources into the Prestashop module seems, by all accounts, to be the most ideal choice.

The reasons for putting resources in the Prestashop gift voucher module are available in this article. I am sure you want to know why exactly this Prestashop plugin is so popular.

The reasons to buy the Prestashop Gift Card Module by Knowband

The Prestashop gift card module helps in expanding the number of shoppers you have

At the point when a client shops for the gift card, he/she is the main client. Besides, when the subsequent individual/beneficiary recovers the gift card, that makes the subsequent client. Accordingly, that expands the number of clients on your site. Also, you may develop your supporter list. Whenever another client joins, they give their email address. Besides, you can utilize the email address for email advertising procedures.

The Prestashop gift card Addon helps with the development of your business

How about we go right direct: the most pivotal explanation. Besides, this might convince you to buy the Prestashop module. It is, as a general rule, the ascent in deals and pays. The Prestashop gift card module helps clients who are uncertain about what to purchase as a gift. Thus, individuals decide to purchase gift cards for their friends and family. The utilization of the gift card code by both the giver and the beneficiary will further develop your eCommerce store’s deals and pay.

The plugin permits you to make an assortment of gift cards

You can easily create an enormous number of gift cards utilizing the Prestashop Gift Voucher Module. Moreover, you might purchase many gift cards for any event. You can, for instance, have gift cards for enormous occasions like Christmas and New Year. In truth, less all-around went to occasions, for example, baby showers, advancements, and other such events. Subsequently, gift cards are up for an assortment of events and merriments.

The Prestashop gift card manager permits you to alter your gift cards

Did you have any idea that the addon permits the admin to customize gift cards? Clients, in all actuality, can do as such. Clients may likewise customize their gift cards by transferring a one-of-a-kind picture. They may likewise remember a customized note for the card. The chairman, then again, is allowed to make any alterations he sees fit.

Gift vouchers can be used in part

You can use gift vouchers in part using the current version of Knowband’s Prestashop Gift Card Manager. The administrator can add a number and an expiry date to a fresh gift voucher item.

The module is accessible at a huge markdown

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager Module by Knowband is accessible at a markdown of 15% at present. As a matter of fact, with the coupon code: EXTRA20, you can get an additional discount of 20% on your buy. Anyway, this reason ought to have been the absolute initial one, isn’t that so?

In the End

The Prestashop Gift Card Module from Knowband, then again, offers significantly more. On the Knowband shop, you might go through the elements and advantages. You may likewise reach us at [email protected] with any inquiries.

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