The next generation sequencing kits market

Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Next Generation Sequencing Kits Market, covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


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Key Market Insights

  • Presently, more than 280 NGS library preparation kits are being offered by close to 60 players; these kits are compatible with a variety of input samples, including purified RNA / DNA and cells
  • Leveraging their expertise, stakeholders within this domain are offering a myriad of NGS kits for preparing DNA and RNA libraries; majority of such kits require less than 5 ng of input samples
  • The current market landscape is fragmented, featuring both new entrants and established players; the US is currently considered to be a hub of innovation related to NGS library preparation kits
  • In pursuit of gaining a competitive edge, NGS library preparation kit providers are presently focusing on expansion of their existing capabilities and augmenting their respective product portfolios
  • Around 3,250 patents related to NGS library preparation kits have recently been filed / granted, indicating the heightened pace of innovation in this domain
  • Case Study: Around 70 industry players claim to offer elaborate portfolios of NGS based services, leveraging a variety of second and third generation sequencing technologies
  • The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 18%, till 2035, and the projected opportunity is likely to be distributed across different type of nucleotide sequenced, end user and key geographical regions



Table of Contents



1.1.         Scope of the Report

1.2.         Research Methodology

1.3.         Key Questions Answered

1.4.         Chapter Outlines





3.1.         Chapter Overview

3.2.         Overview of Genome Sequencing

3.3.         Types of Genome Sequencing

3.3.1.      Next Generation Sequencing               Applications of Next Generation Sequencing Cancer and Affiliated Biomarker Research Diagnostics Personalized / Precision Medicine Forensics               Steps Involved in Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation Amplification Sequencing Bioinformatics Analysis and Data Interpretation               Components of Next Generation Sequencing Kits 

3.4.         Future Perspectives



4.1.         Chapter Overview

4.2.         Next Generation Sequencing Kits: Overall Market Landscape

4.2.1.      Analysis by Type of Nucleotide Sequenced

4.2.2.      Analysis by Kit Components

4.2.3.      Analysis by Quantity of Sample Required

4.2.4.      Analysis by Turnaround Time

4.2.5.      Analysis by Storage Temperature

4.2.6.      Analysis by Type of Sample Used

4.2.7.      Analysis by Kit Shelf Life

4.2.8.      Analysis by Type of Sequencing

4.2.9.      Analysis by Type of Sequencing Platform Used


4.3.         Next Generation Sequencing Kits: List of Providers

4.3.1.      Analysis by Year of Establishment

4.3.2.      Analysis by Company Size

4.3.3.      Analysis by Location of Headquarters

4.3.4.      Leading Players: Analysis by Number of Products



5.1.         Chapter Overview

5.2.         Assumptions and Methodology

5.3.         Product Competitiveness Analysis: Competitive Landscape


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