The number of inhabitants and their habits

The number of occupants in a home, whether a house or a small apartment, plays a huge role in the amount of electricity consumed. A couple or a large family will not have the same electricity consumption.

Similarly, everyone’s habits increase or not the electricity bill: the use of a lot of Electrical Services in Dubai appliances, intense lighting or not for several hours during the day, increased use of hot water for the kitchen or the shower…

How do I know if I am using a lot of electricity?

Electricity bill information

First of all, the electricity bill allows you to understand and monitor your electricity consumption. It consists of several pieces of information relating to your electricity contract with your supplier:

  • Your personal information and supplier contacts
  • Your supply offer
  • Your electricity subscription and its amount
  • Your self-consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and its amount
  • The different taxes
  • Your terms of payment (direct debit, check, etc.)
  • Your invoice is received and must be paid either every month (monthly invoice) or every 2 months (bi-monthly invoice).

How is the electricity price set?

The price of electricity in France is made up of electricity tariffs (fixed costs linked to the delivery of energy, taxes set by the State, subscription, etc.) and electricity prices in two forms:

Regulated electricity sales tariffs are proposed by EDF and defined by the State. Market prices (fixed or indexed) are offered by alternative suppliers.

You can also choose two different prices per kWh depending on the time at which you consume electricity: the peak hours (HP)/off-peak hours (HC) offer. The price of electricity during off-peak hours (generally 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) is reduced compared to peak hours during the day.

Calculate the electricity consumption of Electrical Services in Dubai its appliances and equipment

How to calculate the electrical consumption of appliances?

In order to estimate the electricity consumption of your home, three criteria should be taken into account for each of the electrical appliances:

  • The power of the device (indicated in watts on the energy label)
  • The duration of daily use in hours of this device
  • The annual duration of use in days

To obtain the electrical consumption of the device in kWh, simply multiply the power of the device by the number of hours of use, then multiply this figure by the number of days. The result will be in Wh, you will have to divide it by a thousand to get it in kWh.

Here is the calculation
Power in Wh x Number of hours x Number of days / 1000 = Electricity consumption in kWh

Let’s take the example of a refrigerator that operates 365 days and 24 hours a day at a power of 35Wh. We thus obtain: 35 x 24 x 365 / 1000 = 306.6kWh. In the case of a less used device, such as a television, we could have this type of calculation: 120 x 4 x 300 / 1000 = 48kWh.

The advantages of calculating your electricity consumption

Your electricity consumption is a significant part of the calculation of the amount of your bill. An estimate of your most energy-intensive electrical equipment is necessary in order to modulate their consumption. You must therefore pay attention to the duration and frequency of use of your appliances as well as their power and energy class.

The radiators, the water heater, and the oven are traditionally the most energy-intensive equipment in terms of electricity since the consumption of appliances in kWh is the highest. So choose more economical solutions such as radiators equipped with thermostats so as not to heat up in unoccupied rooms or when you are away.

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