Thermal Paper Rolls: Cheap and Excellent Printing Solution

One of the most cost-effective POS printing solutions that a business can utilize is our thermal paper. Thermal papers are so popular because they decrease overhead costs due to the ink or ribbon system.

You can find the best thermal paper rolls in Canada on our official website. Master Distributors are the largest wholesalers and distributors of POS hardware in the country.

Thermal paper rolls have become a widely accepted choice today as the paper is coated with a layer of chemicals that changes color when exposed to heat. The heat energy causes a chemical reaction, resulting in the formation of high-definition images. Our thermal rolls deliver exceptional printing quality with precision and increased productivity.

Thus, thermal papers eliminate the need for ink and allow you to serve your customers efficiently.

Why Choose Thermal Paper Over Ordinary Paper?

Businesses from diverse niches across the world use thermal paper rolls due to their ease of usage, cost-effectiveness, and precision. Thermal papers are used daily, increasing productivity in POS functions. The thermal paper also doesn’t jam as normal paper does. These are the benefits of thermal paper over ordinary paper:

  • UV resistant
  • Oil and water resistance
  • Easy to use and align
  • High readability
  • High-definition image

Get Top-quality Thermal Paper Rolls from Master Distributors

Get high-quality and robust printing with thermal paper rolls from Master Distributors. We’re the number one supplier of POS hardware and printing products in Canada. Browse through our range of thermal paper rolls and buy the ideal size for your thermal printer.

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