These are the 5 Best Types of Coffee in the World

Believe it or not, Indonesia is one of the best coffee producing countries in the world. In fact, it’s not only civet coffee and arabica that are famous, but there are many kinds of coffee that you also need to know. Here are 10 types of the best coffee in the world that coffee lovers should not miss.
Fertile soil, like in Indonesia and other agrarian countries, is rich in various types of plantation commodity crops. In fact, in some areas there had been exploitation by the Dutch and Japanese colonizers. This is because Indonesia has very fertile soil and is suitable for planting various types of valuable commodities such as gold.
One of the important commodities from Indonesia is the coffee plant. Each region, mineral levels and soil fertility are different, also produce different types of coffee taste. Here are some of the best types of coffee from Indonesia that you should try:

1. Kopi Luwak

The one and only in Indonesia exclusively, Kopi Luwak is very popular with tourists. Tasting luwak coffee is also not cheap. Sometimes just to sip a cup of civet coffee, tourists are required to spend up to millions of rupiah. That is why, civet coffee gets the title as the most expensive coffee on earth. This is not so surprising, the article is to get the original civet coffee is also not easy. Have to wait for a ferret-like animal to consume coffee, then excrete it as feces.
Well, the civet coffee beans that have been removed from the feces of the weasel are what will be processed as drink ingredients. Because that means the coffee beans that the civet eats are only the best and selected coffee beans. The results of the “disposal process” from the civet’s digestive tract will add to the enjoyment of civet coffee.

2. Arabica Coffee

Being a traditional coffee that is brewed in every home, Arabica coffee is not a foreign type of coffee around the world. Coffee lovers will nod in agreement, if asked about the delicacy of Arabica coffee. The soft, exotic, bitter and slightly sour taste makes Arabica coffee easy to trade in restaurants, cafes or coffee shops.
Usually, Arabica coffee is also grown in areas that are in the highlands with cold weather. So that quite a lot of marketed in the country. In fact, the Arabica coffee market commodity reaches 80 percent of the total coffee in the industry. The caffeine content in Arabica coffee is quite low, so it is still relatively safe for everyone to consume.

3. Robusta Coffee

Compared to other types of coffee that are already popular in the country, Robusta coffee has larger seeds. This oval shape of coffee is easy to grow on highland or lowland plantations. This coffee plant is easy to adapt to the environment, both tropical countries such as Indonesia, or subtropical.
Robusta coffee usually has a more bitter taste and tends to be sour. So, ulcer sufferers should be more careful in consuming it. In addition, the caffeine content is also quite high. However, for coffee lovers, you should not overdo it in enjoying robusta coffee.

4. Liberica Coffee
The next best type of coffee is Liberica coffee. Hearing his name, maybe not many are familiar. But, don’t get me wrong, because Liberica coffee is actually the target of coffee fans in the country of Liberia, Africa.
Liberica coffee plants grown in Liberia were formerly the result of a cross between Robusta and Arabica coffees. As a result, the taste of coffee is steady and world-class. The price is also quite expensive because it tastes delicious. Therefore, Liberica coffee is often used as a raw material for making espresso or latte.

5. Colombian Coffee
The best type of coffee that is no less popular in the world is Colombian Coffee which comes from Central America and South America. At first, this type of coffee was grown in Africa, using a cross from Arabica coffee. However, once cultivated, the results obtained the best coffee taste in Colombia.
Most Colombian coffee is served in street cafes or coffee shops. Tourists or tourists often enjoy this type of coffee as coffee that is more delicious than Arabica coffee in general.

Enjoy the original coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. However, not a few who enjoy coffee with various mixtures. If you want to enjoy the original, healthy and natural taste of coffee, enjoy coffee without any additives. Try enjoying different types of coffee with different brewing methods.

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