Thickening shampoo

Thickening shampoo
Condition your hair before you shampoo it
Say ‘yes’ to a quality mousse
Use a deep conditioner every now and then to prevent breakage
Sleeping in an updo or a bunch of them will prevent hair flattening
Root powder works well for the thick hair impression
Use dry shampoo even on clean hair
Wear hair extensions
Tease the roots – backcomb your hair in small sections and spray some hairspray on the roots
Consult your doctor – you need to realize that fine hair and thinning hair are two different types of hair. In the first case – you were born with it, in the other – it may a medical condition causing the thinning
Many ladies get disappointed when choosing the perfect short haircut; they discover that it does not suit them at all. Such a thing may happen if you pick the haircut that is not beneficial to your face shape. The thing is that round faces almost have no angles, and that means that a cut that will take care of that is a must. Short womens haircuts with piecey layers, curtain bangs, or regular bangs will do. The more angular the cut looks, the better it will complement your face, we say you consider all sorts of pixies or bobs with bangs. Soft layered bobs with a wispy fringe will also be a good idea, as they will create more volume and movement that will visually make the face slimmer.
A square face is a complete opposite of a round one. This means that instead of creating angles, you need to soften those you already have. That is why piecey layers are no good in this case. You need to opt for softer and deeper layers instead. Anything that smooths out those angles will fit you perfectly. Side-swept medium-length blunt bob, inverted bob, and rounded straight bobs are the short haircuts for thin hair that also complement square face shape.
The trick with the triangular face is that it is too wide on top and too narrow at the chin. Such a face is tremendously flattered by the cuts that mask away the widths on top and broaden the chin part at the same time`. And short layered haircuts are exactly what you need. Side bangs and deep layers are your best friends here. Usually, layered pixies are the best to help you deal with such shape effectively.
While oval face shape is considered to be the perfect one, an oblong face is a little further from the idea. As you can judge by the name, such a face defines too much length which should be visually shortened with the help of a haircut. A suitable cut will make a face look more proportional, and that is the key to the flawless look. In most cases, the bangs deal with the task more than well. A pixie cut is one of the best short haircuts for an oblong face, especially if it features light choppy layers and defined texture on top.

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